What’s wrong with people? CANDY ABUSE


Is it a trick or is it a treat?

Honestly, I don’t know seeing as how a majority of children showing up on my doorstep the past few Halloweens have been infants or toddlers too young to say anything.

I’ll say one thing though.

I bet it’s a treat for all of their parents who, no doubt, are the ones chowing down on these unhealthy delights and using their babies as pawns.

Here’s a bright idea.

Why not go to the store and *gasp* buy a bag of candy, or several even!

No, it’s not free like the candy you can get at random people’s doorsteps, but it saves you time, energy and keeps you from making an idiot out of yourself.

You’re welcome.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not some evil baby hater.

I don’t have an issue when it’s for the experience of going to the houses of a few neighbors or family members to celebrate the baby’s first Halloween.

That’s perfectly understandable.

It’s such a cute sight to see all of the babies decked out in their costumes.

However, I have seen many parents and siblings with a bag as big as the baby, claiming it’s for the baby.

Sure, and I’m the Easter Bunny.

That’s not going to fly.

Halloween is supposed to be for children.

If every parent came with their baby in tow loading up on candy, (which the baby can’t eat by the way) then there would be nothing left for the little kids who look forward to this day all year.

The adults are taking a piece of the childhood experience.

Once people are out of candy they shut their door, turn off their lights and hide from the hooligans of the night.

They aren’t going to run to the store to stock up on candy for the children who didn’t get any.

So if you’re a parent or sibling or family member who takes a baby trick or treating, don’t do it for the candy. They can’t enjoy it anyway.

Do it for the kid and if you must indulge, buy a bag.

Don’t be one of those people where when you leave the house and the door is shut the homeowners say, what’s wrong with people?