Commentary: Bay Area baseball teams rocking postseason


Making it to Major League Baseball postseason is a dream come true for local Bay Area teams, the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants.

The last time the A’s saw a postseason game was about six years ago, while the Giants won the 2010 World Series, and are hoping to have a similar outcome this season.

The A’s clinched the team’s playoff spot after beating out the first place Texas Rangers.

Although just this past week on Oct 11, the A’s season ended in the American League Division Series (ALDS)against Detroit, the A’s have nothing to be upset about.

With a season record of 94-68, and the title of AL West Champions, the A’s put to rest any scrutiny previously made about their team, and showed the world heart for the game, making the team deserving contenders.

The Giants, also celebrating a great season so far, and are still contending and hungry to continue the success.

On Oct 11, the Giants advanced to the Nation League Championship Series (NLCS) after overcoming  an  0-2 series beginning and making a 180-degree, winning three straight games in a row.

The Giants are the second team in  history to comeback from a 0-2 standing and completimg with  three straight  on-the-road wins.

The Giants’ advancement was made complete in the 5th game after Buster Posey hit a Grand Slam, to take the 6-4 win.

After defeating Cincinnati, San Francisco clinched a spot in the National League Championship Series (NLCS) which began  Oct. 14 against the St. Louis Cardinals in San Francisco.

Both Bay Area teams played fearlessly and with a lot of heart this season.

Continue to watch the rest of the playoffs and see where the Giants end up on the road to the World Series.