Issues of festive taste


Revealing costimes empower  women, not objectify the body

By:karina ramirez
Weddings, prom, quinceañeras – special occasions in a woman’s life where she is allowed to wear elaborate gowns and be the center of attention.

However, these only happen only once in a lifetime, (normally).

But luckily there is a day that happens every year, where women can rejoice in glitter and mini tutus.

That day is Halloween.

That’s the one day every year women get to wear what they want, no matter how scandalous it may be.

To be revealing is the point.

For 364 days we girls are covered head to toe, hiding the gorgeousness our mother’s blessed us with.

So is it a crime that for a night we can run around in corsets and fishnets?
Those critical of us are mistaken.

It is not risque , it is sexy.

It’s okay for us to embrace what we have and put it out there (I am woman, hear me roar, anyone?).

Dressing-up as a witch now is completely different from the witch we were at 12 years old. Today’s witch has knee high boots.

But it is not debasement, it is sexually liberating, the signal of growing up.

Besides, that is the point of Halloween. To dress up and pretend, transforming oneself.

Some may argue that it makes women appear as sexual objects, or attention whores. Call it what you may, but the reality is – we are releasing our inner femme fatale.

Smart women dress up for other women, not for men. We compete, we compliment, that simple.
And there is something empowering about dressing up as Catwoman or Wonder Woman, even if it is considered skimpy.

It shows people we are not afraid to explore our seductiveness and our feminist inputs.

So with great pride, flaunt the smokey eye and wear the platforms. Get on the prowl, because this night comes only once a year.

Showing less leaves more to the imagination

By:elizabeth fields
In my opinion, women misuse Halloween.

Dressing like a prostitute is not attractive and I don’t know who would tell you otherwise.

Growing up in a Catholic home my parents would never have allowed me to dress risqué like the young women do today.

Do women really want to be viewed as sexual objects?

Don’t girls want that “Notebook” love?

Did Katniss Everdeen dress like a prostitute on Wilson Way? No. She dressed modestly and still looked beautiful.

Women seem to forget that they can still dress up and look gorgeous without revealing all to the world.

Believe it or not men find it more attractive when less is revealed and anticipation and the imagination take hold.
Walking into a Halloween store is now like walking through a lingerie shop.

It’s really sad.

The whole idea of Halloween being fun and scary has turned into who can show the most skin and dress the sexiest.

It’s tragic that women feel the need to dress so provocative. Nobody wants to see your (probably rolls) of a stomach and your breasts squished together.

The only person who will find that attractive is a dog.

And trust me, nobody wants a dog. And for those of you that think, “Well I’m hot so there’s no problem.” Wrong. Emphatically, unquestionably wrong.

We have enough fake super-models in the world. You’re not going to be one of them. Keep your clothes on. It’d be nice if these girls had some dignity. It truly says a lot more about your actual beauty if a girl can look smoking hot without letting it all hanging out.

PS: Do you really want to freeze your butt off on Halloween?