Son of legend performs on campus


Music listeners filled seats in the Auditorium on Oct. 11 and 13, as Stockton Symphony Conductor Peter Jaffe led the symphony in an arrangement of classical music.

The performance was part of the Brubeck Mini-Festival, which featured ageless masterpieces by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky and showcased the talents of the Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet.

The first half of the concert highlighted the quartet’s eccentric style with songs that fused jazz, blues, folk, funk, pop, and classical music styles.

It also included a cameo from the man himself, Chris Brubeck.

The laid-back Brubeck gave a stunning performance as he presented the world premiere of his new song “Adventure.”

Brubeck is the son of noted jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck.

Brubeck has headlined years of successful orchestral concerts. His most innovative work being the Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra, which he performed at the Stockton symphony last week.

The second half consisted of more traditional pieces from Patrushka composed by Igor Stravinsky, which required a larger orchestra provided by the Stockton Symphony to bring that “live concert sound.”

The next event will be the Beethoven Bash from Nov. 15-17 at Atherton Auditorium.