Mustangs fall in close battle


Tears of pain and joy filled Delta’s DeRicco Stadium on Oct. 27 when the Mustangs took on Fresno City College.

The inner-conference match up between two of the highest ranked teams in Northern California resulted in a 31-28 loss for the Mustangs.

Throughout the game, the tension between the rivals remained a constant high.

“Of course there is going to be tension, it’s a high stakes game between rivals,”  said former Delta Athletic Director Gary Scott.

This game was the most important so far this season for both teams. Fresno City needed to win for a chance at a title this season.

The Mustangs needed a win to clinch the division.

“If Delta is done and all they need to do is win their next two games and they are automatically in the Nor-Cal championship, so if they beat us our season is done,” said Fresno Secondary Coach Cameron Worrall.

The loss has not ended Delta’s season, but it has made the team’s chances slimmer to advance to state.

As of right now, Fresno and Delta are tied for first in the valley conference.

With only two games left the margin for error becomes smaller. If the teams remain tied at the end of the season, the team with the highest power rank, which are based on statistics, will advance.

As the game started the stands quickly filled to capacity with passionate fans from Fresno and Stockton.

Each play was action packed and filled with excitement. Loud bone-breaking hits echoed the stadium causing few injuries.

Precision passing and swift running gave the crowd multiple highlights, easily keeping them entertained.

Theo Wofford and De’Marieya Nelson’s absence from the game due to previous injuries definitely worked in favor of Fresno as the two are key offensive players.

Fresno also had a arsenal of talent.

Fresno quarterback Trey Mitchell showed great leadership and focus as he threw three touchdowns, acquiring 210 yards in the process.

The Mustangs offense was picked apart by the Rams, which forced four fumbles and two interceptions.

Without the Mustang’s star players, the offense did not produce well. The Mustangs only gained 264 yards throughout the game.

Fresno nearly doubled yards with a total of 403.

The Mustangs continued to fight until the last minute when there was a still a chance to win the game. But the team was unsuccessful because of an interception thrown during the last seconds of the game.

With hopes of making it to the championship game, Delta hosts its last home game at 1 p.m. Nov. 10 against Modesto Junior College.