The 10 Percent: Sexuality not a political stepping stone


With Election Day only four days away, I have already cast my mail-in ballot.

Before doing this I thought about the candidates and what they can offer me if elected.

A few of the candidates in my area are very familiar with my fight for equality and personal struggles as they themselves are homosexual.

These days’ politicians have said anything to get elected and are willing to do anything to win.

What I am most concerned about, like many people, is once a person is elected will he or she keep promises?

I know a few candidates will and have kept their promises, after winning past elections.

These candidates have earned my trust and my vote again.

What I hate are those who throw out support of the LGBTQ+ community when running for election, but afterwards abstain from voting in favor or against issues pertaining to my community that have come before them.

These candidates used this issue to get them elected and then choose to ignore my community.

I know people say politicians can’t be trusted.

But in a way, you have to trust the ones you are voting for. Or why vote for them?

When it comes to the national election neither candidate for president of the United States brought up the same-sex related issues in any of the three debates but we all know where both stand on the issue.

President Barack Obama is pro-marriage equality, gay rights and has repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Governor Mitt Romney is anti-gay rights and anti-marriage equality, and would have kept Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

They have completely opposite views on all but one issue.

Both agree the Boy Scouts of America banning gays from leadership and membership is wrong.

But that doesn’t make me vote for Romney.

I have cast my vote for Obama.

When a person wants to take a position of leadership in our government either local, state or national level they have to represent all people, not just the ones they are like.

A representative must not use one group of people as a stepping stone to the office.

When you say you will support something in return for re-election to an office mean it and back it up.