Editorial: Will trustees bring change?


Three trustees were re-elected to positions on the board of trustees on Nov. 6.

A blistering question is then posed: Will anything change?

Delta College has been through a lot these past years with events that have left some students with the lurking feeling of abandonment from leadership.

Delta is stacking debt and while it tries to stand alone, the government is pulling the rug from underneath its feet with budget cuts.

Sometimes it feels like the higher ups are only looking out for themselves.

No one can answer the question above except for father time, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that anyone in power needs to be selfless and experienced.

Can we trust the trustees to be on our side this time?

Are they ready for the challenge of an economically topsy-turvey school that is at the heart of a bankrupt city?

New trustees or not, students at Delta can’t expect to see the light until the surrounding community thrives.

Every four years the trustees compete for a spot on the board but maybe it would be better if their terms were longer, especially during these hard economic times.

Keeping leadership fresh is always a good idea, but when it comes to long-term problems you’re more likely to receive better decision making from a newborn baby.