Thanksgiving Day activities are more than just food and football


It’s Thanksgiving time again.

It’s a time where family and friends come together and express gratitude to God over a lovely feast.

Traditionally, we spend the day eating, drinking and crowded around the television watching football.

It’s the American way.

On the contrary, not everyone is into watching football. That’s fine.

To each his own.

If you are one of these people or just want to break up the cycle, here are a few alternatives that can make your Thanksgiving different but nevertheless, enjoyable:

• Movies are a popular alternative. Check local listings to see what shows are playing. Television networks are usually festive and show appropriate programs for the holidays. It’s pretty likely a “Peanuts” holiday special will be on that day. No cable? Red Box is available if there is something in particular you want to see.

• You can put on music. Music can cheer you up and put you in a festive mood. Or break out the karaoke machine and sing along to your favorite tunes. However, you may want to brace yourself for that one.

• For those of you who live a more active lifestyle, get out there and take part in a Thanksgiving Day turkey trot. A 5K and 10K will be held in support of the Stockton/San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank. Be grateful that you can walk or run and thankful to have food on your plate. Act now so you can sign up on time.

• For some general family fun, why not play some board games? Besides the point of winning and losing, board games can teach younger players how to get along with others by playing by the rules. There are thousands of board games to choose from, but Monopoly has been a tried and true classic.

• You may not want to watch football on television, but maybe you would rather play football. You and your family might want to toss the ball around or get a game of two-hand touch or tackle in your backyard or at a local park, whatever your pleasure.

This is usually something that the men and young boys in the family participate in, but if mom wants to get out there and show off her “laser…rocket arm” then more power to her.

Whatever activities you choose to partake in, be thankful and have fun.