The 10 Percent: Making holidays fabulous with friends


Thanksgiving is a time for fun, family and food.

Each year families and/or friends come together to be with each other to reconnect, have a great meal and celebrate the relationships.

The LGBTQ+ community is a bit different.

Many LGBTQ+ people have families that welcome them in with open arms but there are some that have no accepting family.

These LGBTQ+ people either stay home alone, or make it a family of friends for the holidays.

I am lucky to have a loving partner with a welcoming family. The family may not like our relationship but they are welcoming and will not turn us away.

I am going to be spending Thanksgiving dinner with them. My own family does not do much for this holiday, we gather together for Christmas.

I will also be having dinner with my “friend family.” This part of the ‘family’ is made up of my good friends: Jeff, Tony, Hector, my partner Cris, and myself.

When it comes to family I consider blood relations as my relative family and then my close friends are my friend family. To be considered in my friend family, I have known you for a few years, or I have become really close to you and can trust you.

My friend family is almost closer to me than my real family.

Jeff is going to be hosting a turkey day dinner at his condo the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We will dine, have great conversation play a few games and watch a movie or two.

This is ‘family’ time, just like any traditional family.

Instead of secluding myself around the holidays I have always tried to make special events with friends.

After Thanksgiving, I help my best friend Jessica decorate her apartment for Christmas; I decorate my home as well.

This year I have a larger friend family and will have more to do but I am happy to do it. I love my relative family, and my friend family. If you have no relative family around take the holidays and make them with friends.

Enjoy the season with those who love you for who you are not what you are supposed to be.