‘Tis the season to be cautious


As the holidays near, an increase in shopping, carrying cash and multiple gifts in hand is bound to increase.

During the venturous hunt for steals and deals it is important to remain safe in these questionable times.

Since recent stairwell and gold chain incidents on campus, there hasn’t been an increase in crime rate at Delta College.

“Our campus, it’s great and it’s safe,” said Sergeant Mario Vasquez of the district police force.

The two individuals linked to the gold-chain robberies have since been apprehended.

On the other hand there have been continuous problems occurring almost twice a week with bike theft.

Bike thefts are increasing on campus largely due to the type of locks being used.

Cable and chain locks as well as code locks are easily broken, and it is advised by district Police to use U-shaped locks.

“They are much harder to get through,” said Vasquez.

There are also bike boxes which can be rented from student activities office for the semester.

“It is almost impossible to get through these,” said Vasquez.

Although crime doesn’t directly affect campus during the holiday months, Delta College is surrounded by malls, shopping centers and restaurants.

With an increase in shopping and buses running until 10 p.m., the Delta campus could be impacted.

Strong-armed robberies have occurred on campus during the holiday months, and it is important to remember the proper safety tips and cautions.

With the new Tipsoft network, and presentations being given by district police, students are being provided with resources to keep safe.

Here are some tips from campus police:

• Do not leave any items of value in the car which includes: books, USB cords, shoes, clothes and documents with personal information.

• Do not carry cash unless necessary, carry enough to get you through the day or a debit card if need be.

• Be aware of your surroundings and suspicious characters.

Campus police plan to distribute flyers as notices that doors were left unlocked or valuables were left  out in your car as a way to make students, staff and faculty more aware of common safety missteps.

All can take advantage of the services offered by district police. Students can make use of the escort service where an officer will escort students, faculty and staff from campus to their car or city bus.

“Don’t hesitate to call,” said Vasquez.