Whats wrong with people? Stuff turkey, not face


The holidays are upon us once again.

It’s a time for love, family and thankfulness.

But the holidays wouldn’t be complete without constant complaining.

Holiday cookies are coming out of the oven, the turkey is roasting, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, basically every possible treat your

stomach could grumble about are everywhere.

But your stomach isn’t the only thing grumbling.

Around the holidays people just love to grumble about their weight.

Instead of doing anything about it, they continue to stuff their faces until every last button on their shirt pops.

Instead of enjoying the holidays in moderation they have to indulge their gut to the point that it should have its own zip code.

They come up with every possible reason not to work out or lose weight, yet continue to yip like a Chihuahua about it.

Listen people, I get that you don’t like your mashed potato rolls or turkey butt.

I don’t particularly enjoy looking at them either.

Instead of continuing to force feed yourself like cattle, I have a better solution.

Why don’t you get up and walk?

And I don’t mean to In-N-Out Burger.

Quit using the sweets and being caught up in the holiday cheer as an excuse to bulk up for the winter.

You are not a bear. You are not going into hibernation.

You will, however, be going into a diabetic coma if you don’t shape up!

Don’t kill yourself or annoy everyone with the holiday pounds you packed on. Slow down, chew, swallow and breathe.


Everyone will be giving thanks by the time all is said and done if you follow my advice.

Don’t be the one that people talk about when they go home.

Don’t be the reason others wonder what’s wrong with people?