College adding classes after passage of Prop. 30


Delta College has struggled to keep classes for students in recent years, which resulted in some students enrolling to other community colleges.

With the passing of Prop. 30, about 60 sections have been added to the list of classes since the Nov. 6 election.

“After the Prop. 30 passed there is more access to students for courses that are in high-demand especially transfer required courses such as English, Math, social sciences, the humanities and some career technical courses as well,” said Delta

College Interim Vice President Of Instruction Dr. Matt Wetstein in an email interview.

Wetstein added that students should keep logging in to the system if they are searching for a particular high-demand course, and that they will be making an important announcement about summer school in coming days.

Most students have registered for next semester since the passing of Prop. 30.

Fourth-year student Rashbir Singh got in three classes that he needed to transfer out.

“I already finished the classes I needed for my major but I still needed three more that’s transfer required, so I just took photography, music and astronomy,” said Singh, who wants to be a correctional officer.

Another student who was successful at picking his classes was Miguel Maciel who is looking to a medical career.

“It was crowded during my registration time and I didn’t get all the classes I needed but I got some of it” said Maciel.

Second-year student Xavier Jimenez had a different experience registering for next semester.

“The registration was horrible, I didn’t really get in any classes I wanted but good thing it’s only my second year and I’m halfway done,” said Jimenez, who is trying to get into a nursing career.

Some students feel differently. Alyssa Diaz always seem to have a hard time registering.

“I’m looking to be a probation officer but I always have a late registration date and it sucks.”

Diaz’s registration was on Dec. 3, which can still be considered a late date.

With more classes added due to Prop. 30 passing, more students will have the chance to go back to the registration system and search for more classes that they will need.