‘Man’ last play for fall semester


“The Man Who Came to Dinner” opened Thursday, Dec. 6 with an 8 p.m. Tillie Lewis Theater showing. The production continues through the weekend.

The play is a comedy set in the 1940s and is about a popular radio personality by the name of Sheridan Whiteside set to have dinner at the Stanley family residence during the holidays.

Before reaching the door he slips on a piece of ice and breaks his hip at the doorstep.

This then leads to a weird series of events for the Stanley family, as Whiteside threatens to sue them for damages and takes over residence in their living room for a total of six weeks as prescribed to confinement by his doctor.

Whiteside moves in his complete staff in and treats the Stanley family as if they are guests.

He invites female convicts from prison to meals as well as celebrities, and receives an abundance of colorful gifts such as a crate of penguins, 10,000 cockroaches, an octopus and even a mummy case.

The comedy is sure to brighten the holiday season.

The play will be put on by the Fine Arts Drama Department and will include 8 p.m. showings today and Saturday, and a 2 p.m. matinee showing on Dec. 9.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office located on campus or online at deltacollege.edu/div/finearts/dept/dca/index.html.

Ticket prices vary. Prices are $10 for students and seniors, $12 for adults.