Winter love has a frosty bite


Presents, keeping warm, date nights; these are all reasons to get shacked up around the holidays.

Although people seem uneducated, when it comes to receiving gifts, they are quite smart.

Why spend your own money when you can have a “sugga daddy” buy expensive gifts for you.

Let’s see how many babies start popping out around August and September of 2013. It’s a sad, sad truth.

The holidays seem to bring the hopeless romantics out of men and women.

It is such a gift to have someone special in your life, to spend time with and share the holiday joy.

But when people start getting together for the wrong reasons, that’s when I see the problem.

Indeed, going to a nice cocktail or ugly sweater party and having a handsome man around your arm is nothing to complain about.

Taking shots alone can be pretty lonesome. There is something about Christmas lights and a giant blown up Santa Claus that seems to put people in the mood.

In summer, the short skirts and bikinis make any man want to go “goo goo ga ga” for a lady. But those men don’t want to settle down.

It’s when winter comes along that the men realize those short skirt days are over and it is time to hit the brakes.

There is something magical about the holidays that makes everyone seem so cheery.

I think it’s the beautiful Christmas spirit.

When the weather is cold out, I know I like to stay in by the nice warm fire with a glass of wine and my boyfriend.

I’m not saying it’s horrible to get a boyfriend or girlfriend during the holidays. Just do it for the right reasons.

Let’s not forget the whole reason we celebrate Christmas … the birth of Christ.