Delta and Pacific denied grant


Both Delta College and the University of the Pacific were unable to receive a R.A.D Systems grant that would’ve allowed students to be taught self defense by certified instructors.

If Delta had received the grant, it could’ve allowed students to learn self defense essentials. It may have resulted in less occurrences of student harassment on campus as well.

Delta College Police Chief David Main said it was Pacific that originally applied for the grant, but the school was, unfortunately, denied.

The R.A.D. System, the acronym standing for rape, aggression and defense, is a nationwide training tool that includes lectures, discussions and physical training.

Delta would have benefited from the grant in light of recent reports of student harassment, particularly in building stairwells.

Harassment on campus has been a problem that has been increasing steadily in the last several semesters.

Limited police personnel on campus means students need to be more responsible for themselves.

The R.A.D Systems grant would’ve allowed students to do just that.

For now Delta will have to manage without it.

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