Technology used to fight crime at Delta


Delta College is considerably a safe campus as compared to Stockton as a whole, but the campus police department is taking a productive approach to ensure safety on campus.

One-way students can be cautious and informed is by taking advantage of the many electronic-alert systems available such as AlertU and TipSoft.

AlertU has more than 8,500 subscribers and TipSoft has 950 subscribers.

With TipSoft, students have the ability to report a crime anonymously.

“Since our official TipSoft launch, District Police have responded to and investigated 12 anonymous tips,” said Officer Jim Bock in an
email interview.

The college police department’s Facebook
page, which has approximately 1,400 subscribers, is also updated frequently throughout the semester.

Crime on campus has increased since the year 2000, when Delta was a different place, but call escorts have also decreased since

“Students feel safe talking or texting on the phone until they reach their car,” said Sgt. Robert Di Piero.

However, many students are unaware of their surroundings because they are too busy with their phones. The police department makes every
attempt to ensure safety on campus.

In January, there were three drug abuse violations, one petty theft, and nine total arrests.

Di Piero, who has worked at Delta College since 1995, encourages students to call for escorts and to take advantage of the mobile
crime alert system.

“Sometimes, students who witness a crime don’t report it because they don’t want to be involved,” Di Piero said.

In addition to electronic policing, officers are also patrolling stairwells and around campus buildings.

Most parking lots also have cameras equipped that are monitored by the police department.

The police department uses various strategies to encourage students and provide tips for safety.

It’s about putting information out there, whether it’s done via Facebook, crime alert systems, or campus safety presentations.


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-Click the links to TipSoft and AlertU in the right sidebar
-Enter your phone number