What’s wrong with people? Heart Burn


The Christmas decorations have hit the clearance bins and been replaced by red and pink hearts, cheesy candy and lovey-dovey décor.

Seriously can’t we all just get a moment of peace?

All of this shuffling from one holiday to the next has become quite tiresome, not to mention that Valentine’s Day isn’t even about showing love to your significant other. There are 365 days in a year, yet Valentine’s Day is apparently the ONE day you’re supposed to actually show it.

Excuse me, but no. If you actually loved the other person you would get her or him flowers and chocolates every day or take them out to a nice romantic dinner.

You would perform some gesture that shows them you care.

Valentine’s Day is nothing more than an over-commercialized holiday.

Couples feel the need to be overly handsy and mushy in public. It’s a holiday people not a free for all to jump on each other like its Animal Planet.

Do us all a favor and get a room before you get arrested for public indecency.

I don’t want to see you feed your “snuggle bear” gross tasting candy hearts.

No. Or the opposite happens and men end the relationship so they don’t have to spend $10 on a cheap piece of jewelry or some crappy chocolates that taste like dirt.

This is the one day that pressures relationships by putting unrealistic expectations on it.

Flowers are the perfect gift for this holiday because they are extremely expensive, you can wait until the last minute to remember them and much like the relationship they are slowly dying.

Don’t even get me started on all of the romantic gestures. People light 50 candles like they’re trying to perform a séance, buy expensive champagne and throw rose petals all over like they’re planting a flower garden in the room.

That’s sweet but if you go all out one year you are expected to do the same the next.

Actually you are expected to top it.

Women get upset when the man does something elaborate and thoughtful one year and orders a pizza and wants to stay in the next. That doesn’t mean the romance is dead, just the opposite in fact.

Valentine’s Day is just another day so let’s not treat it as if the fate of the free world depends on it and run around like a lovesick puppy that leaves others wondering what’s wrong with people?