AGAINST HACKERS: Hacking causes destruction


Hacking usually happens on social network accounts, government servers,  online gaming accounts or just someone’s personal computer or laptop.

A lot of people have been hacked countless times.

What is the logical definition of a hacker?

According to, a hacker is a “microcomputer user who attempts to gain unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems.”

Which means someone trying to break through the security of any computer or computer system attached to a network.

Now what is the definition of hacking?

A free dictionary website states that hacking is when someone seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network.

Some of us admire the intelligence that hackers possess to be able to get into the computer’s mind, but most of us simply despise the fact that they can just steal important information from other people whenever they desire to.

It’s true that hackers can be helpful at times but they have more negative effects than positive to people.

About 2 million PlayStation 3 users accounts were compromised and Sony’s entire online network suffered a full scale black out that lasted for weeks a couple years agowhen a group of hackers decided to hack the system.

Most social networking users have been hacked and had their identity drastically changed or had false posts put up about them.

Facebook users, for example, have an option where they can post a status which they can type anything that’s on their mind.

Hackers could jump in and post a status that contains nothing but lies about the person hacked but sometimes people just leave their accounts logged in.

I’ve had experience being hacked on Facebook before, and sometimes it’s funny but most of the time it can get annoying.

Sometimes it can cause family drama when a hacked account begins posting damaging messages to those on the profiles friends list, leaving the victim having to talk down upset family and friends over comments they didn’t even post

The most important part of why most people hate hackers is how they can get into and steal private information.

In Feb. 2011, a hacker by the name of “Night Dragon” took highly-sensitive information about oil and gas field operations, project financing and bidding documents.

The companies agents have traced the hacker’s tools to China.

Just in the last few weeks we’ve had the high profile hackings of Facebook and traditionally hack-proof Apple both were attacked by the same malware and sources lead to it being done by the same group of hackers

It’s obvious that hackers have more of a negative impact on the world than they do positive.

I think that they should get more than a minor punishment when they get caught in the act, just to send a message to other hackers that they shouldn’t even try.

With everything running on computers now all it takes some clever anti social troll to rain destruction upon someone’s life.