Hurray for hookah


Finding yourself completely bored out of your mind, stuck on the Delta College campus between classes?

There’s finally a solution to the boredom.

Gather your friends for a quick lunch break at Pepperoni’s Pizza & Hookah Cafe.

The cafe opens at noon and is located just a block from the campus at 4641 Pacific Avenue.

“Pepperoni’s is a cool place to go when you need to escape the stress from school,” said Delta student Albert Alaya.

Prices are reasonable with pizza starting at $5 and hookah at $10.

The pizza quality is good considering that it is only a $5 dollar pizza.

The hookah is the main focus of the cafe.

“We have hundreds of different hookah flavors and we offer Delta students a $1 discount with a valid school ID,” said manager George Hu.

The cafe serves high-quality hookah brands, including Starbuzz, Fumari and Fantasia.

Beyond the prices and quality, the extravagant decorating helps make a visit that much more pleasant.

The hookah area is located in a red and gold tent outside the main building.

Middle Eastern decorations are all over.

Fluffy pillows and couches give the smoking area a mellow vibe.

It is almost as if you are in a foreign country.  The set up alone makes this  a truly unique space in Stockton.

The Lodi family that runs the cafe are always friendly and helpful no matter if you a regular or a new face.

Pepperoni’s has been dominating the hookah scene in Stockton since it opened in 2001.

The café hosts events nearly every weekend, most of which are usually party mixes from popular DJs.

“The music is always good. That’s one of the reasons I prefer this place over any other hookah cafe in Stockton,” said Alaya.


Location: 4641 Pacific Ave.
Prices: $5 pizza, $10 hookah
Contact:  (209) 943-0055