Playwright Bronché Tayson emerges as prominent force in musical theatre


“I am the master of my own abilities.”

Delta College student Bronché Tayson is a socially engaged, positive and motivational artist who has become the young Tyler Perry of musical theater.

The writer, singer, and actor has dedicated his life to pursuing his dreams in performing arts.

Targeting social issues in his newest development, the Bronché Tayson Project.

Tayson hopes to prevent individuals from sinking into the darkness of society.

Instead his wish is to uplift the youth and young adults through his play “Dam/aged.”

Dam/aged is an abstract drama with musical components that are used to intertwine different story lines. It is a fusion of urban contemporary theatre and traditional

American musical theatre with a jazz, hip-hop, soul, alternative and gospel music influence.

Dam/aged expresses stories of fatherless homes, broken hearts, suicide and dysfunctional families. It vividly paints the picture of violence in urban communities across

America and brings to light the societal effects of drugs, alcohol abuse and unprotected sex.

“Dreaming is believing and I believe that it is my responsibility is to use my gifts to change the world. And I believe that it will,” said Tayson.

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