Student government program gives back to campus


The Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) has opened a food pantry on campus.

The pantry hosts monthly food distributions for students with a valid identification card.

ASBG also offers weekly lunch giveaways on Tuesdays as part of the pantry. The Tuesday giveaway is called “Food for Thought.”

“We’ve had more than 100 applications the Food for Thought program,” said Elizabeth Landa, vice president of student affairs for ASBG.

The pantry concept was introduce to provide students with food during the tough economic times, particularly when a student today may be paying for a car, cell phone, computer, rent and have other responsibilities.

The addition of the pantry means students don’t have to question whether they will pay bills or eat.

According to the official pantry website, the “ASBG Food Pantry contributes to the overall health and wellness of the Delta College student body by providing free access to healthy food options students can use to create balanced meals for themselves and their families.”

To receive food, students need to have a valid identification card and complete an online application, or intake form.

The February distribution is today. The next one will be March 22.

Landa said the pantry has received more than 300 items and $2,000 to help feed students on campus. Last year, the pantry received 50 turkeys and 30 hams during a holiday drive. All of those items went to students.

The pantry continuously accepts donations of nonperishable goods, including canned vegetables, soups, cereals, dried pasta and other shelf-stable items.

Donations can be made in the Student Activities office in Shima 101C or the ASBG office in Shima 101F.

Landa said the first time a student receives a “Food for Thought” lunch identification isn’t required.

Students should not be embarrassed to ask for assistance, since the pantry’s vision is to “ensure no student goes hungry because of a lack of income or access to food.”

Besides the old adage says “a closed mouth don’t get fed.”

Find out more on the ASBG pantry website:


Food will be distirbuted from the Student Activities office in Shima 101C.
March 22
April 19
May 17