International students face challenges on Delta campus


It’s easy to think international students have the freedom to financial services available at Delta College.

However, services for international students are very limited.

Even so, a few weeks ago, I was one of the many students who thought that international students not only crowd the campus, but also take advantage of the financial aid system. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Delta College actually benefits from the International Student Program because these students generate income into the campus.

Students coming from other countries also face great challenges here.

For example, these students don’t qualify for financial aid, the Board of Governors fee waiver or residency in the United States.

Their purpose is to get educated and return to their home country.

Because international students don’t qualify for financial aid, they also aren’t under the restriction of the 90-unit limit.

“The F1 Visa automatically disqualifies international students for residency and employment,” said Melissa Black, International Student Program Specialist at Delta College.

Due to the terms and agreements of the F1 Visa, these students are also unable to attend adult school for ESL classes.

“Most international students already have a plan and know what classes they will take and they know what they are doing,” said Black.

This semester, 72 international students registered at Delta.

In my research, there is one area that I consider unfair. As a regular student, my Federal Work Study recently ended after I hit my 90-unit limit.

International students can qualify to work up to 20 hours a week on campus for as long as they attend Delta.

I have worked at Delta since 2010.

This previous semester, I was disqualified for financial aid and Federal Work Study because I graduated early with honors and I passed my 90-unit limit.

That means this semester, I am no longer eligible to work on campus. Money I could have earned to save for my transfer to California State University, Stanislaus is gone.

I’m currently unemployed. But I’m here this semester to finish transfer units that I needed for my bachelor’s degree.

Yet, the Federal Work Study students are limited with units and our job is in jeopardy when we are close to 90 units.

I have never failed any classes at Delta and always maintained over 3.0 grade-point average.

This may sound like a petty argument, and one only impacting me, but its bothersome when it seems like a group of individuals is being given more allowance than those who this system was initially set up for.

I’m not against international students.

I know they have a lot on their plates when it comes to education.