Lyons has the world in his hands


Dr. Robin Lyons is a geography instructor at Delta College.

His hobbies include traveling, which has taken him around the world. But there’s more to him than just that. He’s also a competitive athlete and was once in a rock band.

Lyons does it all.

His love for geography began as a child when he traveled with his parents by trailer all over Canada, where he is originally from, and the United States.

Lyons lived in Hawaii for 30 years. He attended graduate school at the University of Hawaii.

Originally, he wanted to be a chemist and went to school to become one. In the middle of studying for a chemistry final in his second year, he decided to take a break and made a U.S. map.

It was then he decided he enjoyed mapping and geography more than chemistry.

Lyons specializes in cultural and population geography and in Pacific Islands geography.
 “I like geography because it covers so many different topics. I hated to study just one thing. I want to be more of a generalist and learn as much as I can about many different things and geography is perfect for that because it covers everything,” Lyons said.

Lyons personal travels sparked his interest in geography as well.

He’s been all over the United States and Canada.

He’s traveled to Polynesia, where he was able to show off his love of music and previous rock band experience, by playing with a local Polynesian group at luaus.

One of his favorite places is Australia because of the “marvelous people.”

He has also enjoyed his travels to the Canadian Rockies.

This summer Lyons will be traveling to Torino, Italy to participate in the World Masters Games, a tournament for sportspeople ranging from 35-100- years old.

Lyons will be playing badminton on an international team with eight other members, at the World Masters Games.

He now considers himself a senior athlete and is constantly in training for badminton.

He lifts weights a couple times a week, runs, swims and rides his bike to school every day as part of his training.