Teaching biology in the class, living as a naturalist at heart


Dr. Paul Ustach also known as Dr. U by his students, is a biology professor who has been teaching at Delta College since 2004.

Every summer since 2010 he heads to Yosemite National Park to be a National Park Ranger. His work entails: detailed tours of the premises, campfires, bird and animal watching amongst other duties.

“If I could teach all my classes outdoors in nature like this I would I wish all of education could be takern outside of the classroo,” said Ustach.

During Ustach’s Ranger duties he and his family stay in a trailer in the Yosemite mountains.

Ustach also plays in an adult soccer league with Stockton United  in the complex off of Arch Road. Ustach’s been playing since about 2009.

In regards to teaching biology Ustach said: “I feel like I’m the equivalent of a professional sports player I get paid to play and do something I love.”

He has been involved with student awareness of restore the Delta crusade, and has hopes to start a club related to biology in some way.

“I would like to start a club with nature, natural history, or hiking involved, but it has to be student initiated first.”

Ustach has also lived in places such as Ireland, Guatemala, Michoacan and Oaxaca for short periods.

“I like to live places rather than just visit,” he said.

Ustach’s overall teaching style is interactive, fun and interesting. His serious, yet funny nature allows students to become engaged.

“I take alot of pleasure in challenging, and getting students excited about life on the planet,” said Ustach.