What’s wrong with people? Distracted driving


So I’m just driving along, minding my own business when what do I see?

The guy in the lane next to me is reading a book and the woman behind him is doing her make-up—while driving!

It’s human nature to be distracted, more like blatant stupidity when we get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

It’s as if it is ingrained in our DNA to be morons when we have a ton of metal to back us up.

I know I’m not alone when I say how irritating it is to be cut off by someone too busy making a phone call, or brushing their hair, to pay attention to the drivers around them.

The list of absentminded people is endless.

It ranges from drivers brake checking the person behind them the entire trip to veering in and out of lanes without signaling.

Now, they could be so special that their car did not come equipped with proper brakes or blinkers, but I doubt it.

It’s as if they feel entitled to run stop signs and red lights, go 60 mph in a 40 zone or hightail it over speed bumps like their little Prius is in a monster truck show.

Some of the worst drivers are here on campus, especially in the Shima parking lot.

I thought that the speed limit was 10 mph in the parking lot, not 40, or did everyone suddenly become illiterate?

Call me annoying or say it’s not you who does it all you want, but I doubt that can be true 100% of the time.

It’s bad enough that I have to deal with these maniacs who seem to have a death wish on my way to school.

It’s a different story having to deal with them when I arrive — in the parking lot no less!

I mean are you people crazy or suicidal?

What’s wrong with people?