Battling it out over the best movie fight scenes



Conflict is Drama.

That’s been true ever since we’ve began storytelling, and nothing is more compelling than a good fight sequence.

Whether it’s fist fighting, swords, guns or any other kind of miscellanea.

Here is a short list of some of my personal favorite fight sequences I’ve ever seen ranging from the brutal and realistic to the absurd and fun.

Nada vs. Frank – “They Live”

This has to be seen on grounds of it being one of the most ridiculous fights ever shot. This epic seven-minute long brawl between two friends over a special pair of sunglasses that dangerously skirts lunacy.

Cemetery stand off – “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”

For a gun fight that is three-plus hours in the making, it ends being five minutes of the three main characters staring at each other.

What makes this finale so brilliant is the building tension and the brevity of the violence.

Ripley vs. the Alien Queen – “Aliens”

Not what many might expect but this battle of mothers is one I can watch every day.

It seamlessly cuts between full scale and miniatures to create a robot vs. alien brawl to a film that was already intense.

Daesu vs. 15 guys – “Oldboy”

This little known 2003 Korean revenge flick is brutal throughout but the 15 to 1 hallway fight involving a claw hammer.

Luke vs. Vader – “Star Wars”

Either fight from “The Empire Strikes  Back” or “Return of the Jedi” would be worthy simply because they are a shining example of a fight is more about the internal conflict.

It’s more why are these characters are fighting than flashy moves. That’s why the prequel films could never match their formers. No matter how fast and fancy the new films look, I’m not invested.

Now I know that there are loads more that could go on a list like this but again these are simply of my opinion and also there’s not enough time so go get some pop corn and try to bask in the combatant glory.


The Bride vs. Elle – “Kill Bill Vol. 2”

This has to be one of Quentin Tarantino’s best action fight scene ever. Everything about it will leave you gripping the end to of your seat. Tarantino defiantly put a new meaning to the best eye gripping scene ever!

Channel 4 vs. Channel 9 – “Anchorman”

This scene will have you dying out of your pants laughing. The movie already has some of the top comedic stars (Will Farrell, Steve Carrel and Paul Rudd) what more could you ask of a historical fight scene, oh yeah, that’s right, every possible weapon that you could every use in a fight, including a triton.

The Lobby Shoot Out –“The Matrix’”

The original film is still an incredible experience and this scene is one of the main reasons why. Back when using slow motion was still fresh this perfect marriage of oriental film techniques and western technology and sensibilities make for a glorious ballet of bullets and bodies.

The Wild Bunch vs War Criminals – “Rocknrolla”

This fight scene has everything – from cars tumbling over, gun shooting, and a five finger slap across the face. Guy Richie is always so nuts in all of his flicks and this throw down isn’t lacking creativity or humor.

“Fight Club”

If there is one movie to watch for some of the most brutal beat downs in cinematic history it has to be David Fincher’s “Fight Club.”

You can’t watch a movie called “Fight Club” and not get enthralled by all the blood violence of all the fight scenes.

Even though it originally a bomb commercially and critically, it was destined for success. Like the club of the movie it became one something you heard about through friends.

One of the best scenes is when the protagonist gives himself the beating of a lifetime right infront of his pushy boss.

Like the rest of the film it borders humor and violence brilliantly. Usually in a fight scene the audience wants someone to win and someone to lose, but what if the combatants are one in the same?