Bookstore begins sale of pepper spray


The Delta College bookstore is now offering pepper spray for $9.99 a can.

This is the first semester pepper spray has been available at the bookstore, a move prompted by Sgt. Mario Vasquez of the campus police.

Students asked Vasquez about the use and sale of pepper spray on campus during recent campus safety presentations.

The introduction of the spray on campus is one of a series of safety precautions undertaken by campus police for a safer campus.

“In the first week of sales, 40 bottles were sold,” said Mike Dunnigan, auxiliary services coordinator.

Those wishing to purchase the pepper spray from the bookstore are required to provide photo identification. Students under 18 are not allowed to purchase pepper spray on campus.

“Misuse of pepper spray will result in consequences such as up to three years in state prison and a fine of up to $1,000 may also apply,” said Sgt. Robert Di Piero of the campus police department in an email interview.

Regardless of whether students are on or off campus, safety is the key in any surrounding.

“Pepper spray is a good self-defense tool to have on campus and it’s now convenient because it’s available in the bookstore,” said Fidel Cabuena, director of auxiliary services, the department that runs the bookstore.