Designated employee parking proposed for Delta


Every day thousands of Delta College students, faculty and staff search for the best parking space on campus.

“Staff parking was proposed to the Policy and Procedure Committee in May of 2012.  They met early in the fall 2012 semester and sent the proposal to the Parking Committee for review,” said Sgt. Mario Vasquez in an email interview.

This committee is comprised of students, administration, campus unions and association members.

“There has been discussion concerning a staff parking fee for designated parking, closer to the buildings,” said Michael Kerns, vice president of student services in an email interview. “Please note, only a discussion has taken place.”

After this committee met earlier this year, a survey was sent out to faculty and staff asking if they would support assigned parking for faculty and staff.

The survey also asked if they would support a $60 fee to have the designated parking.

“Last month, on the recommendation of the Parking Committee I sent out a survey via email just to our employees regarding ‘Designated Employee’ parking areas on campus,” said Vasquez.
The campus police department, which monitors parking, is now reviewing survey answers and will send results to the committee for review.

The committee then will decide whether or not it wants to move forward with designated employee parking, after which the policy will be reviewed by faculty, staff and student groups.

Officials said that no decisions have been made so far for implementation of designated parking.