Gallon smashing trend plain stupid


It is a shocking mix of flying milk and flailing limbs, violently crashing to the ground. It’s all phony and it is the latest Internet smash, called gallon smashing,” according to an ABC News report.

There is no reason for the new Internet fad called “gallon smashing.”

“Gallon smashing” is simply young kids dropping gallons of milk in the middle of grocery aisles, pretending to have slipped on the milk and gotten hurt, and posting the videos on

YouTube for all to see.

It is a ridiculous attempt to solve teenage boredom and it is only causing needless destruction in grocery stores.

It started when three teens from Virginia came together, decided to pull this prank, and uploaded the recording to YouTube.

The video received more than three million hits in less than a week.

The boys (two brothers and a cousin who consider themselves actors) obviously wanted attention and got plenty.

ABC News did a video of an interview with the little pranksters.

In it, the three say it was blameless fun.

“It was just an innocent prank. No one got hurt. Nothing bad happened,” one of the boys said.

This tells me that they have no remorse for the trouble they’ve caused.

They don’t understand that this is more than a silly prank to pass the time.

Someone has to clean up their mess. Someone could get hurt. Someone could press charges.

“It does seem a bit malicious, particularly because someone has to clean it up. Based upon that, it can easily be viewed as a crime,” said legal analyst Dana Cole.

These teens are putting their future at risk for some laughs and temporary jokes.

This will eventually blow over. Their record will not.

Also, putting this prank online shows a level of stupidity that cannot be explained without being harsh.

They are blatantly calling attention to their shameful ways and they are setting themselves up to be caught.

This video can follow them for many years to come. Even though it has been removed, it is still out there.

The public has witnessed this misbehavior and this is what these three will be remembered for.

Although they seem like little troublemakers who will strike again with some other nonsensical joke, I say they can turn this around and override their mistake.

By cleaning up their act, behaving in the public eye, and apologizing properly, they can start with a clean slate and put their childish past behind them.

Let’s use common sense next time, shall we?

If you must check out the YouTube channel (if the suspense is killing you), the channel name is Chaizy. The boys have taken down the video of themselves “gallon smashing” but who knows what other “genius” material you might find.