YouTube success story comes to Stockton


Macklemore, the eccentric rapper from Seattle, Washington, is heading into our area for a show.

He achieved almost over night success with his hit “Thrift Shop,” explaining the virtues of saving money by buying second hand clothes. This charming and catchy tune is playful in tone but hints at the positive messages his lesser-publicized songs are filled with. With lyric ranging same sex marriages, the tole of drug addiction and anti consumerism provide a refreshing reminder of the times when rap lyrics had depth and meaning.

Macklemore and musical partner Ryan Lewis have achieved great success with the unsigned duo’s sophomore album “The Heist.” It’s currently No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, with more than 245 million views on YouTube.

Stocktonians will get a shot to see the duo live on March 28 at the Memorial Civic Auditorium. The show, sponsored by University of the Pacific, is sold out.