Student work now on display in L.H. Horton Gallery


The 14th annual Student Art Exhibition and Awards Competition kicked off Thursday, April 18 at the L.H. Horton Art Gallery.

The gallery shows different collections throughout the year but they are usually off-campus artists. Once a year, during the spring semester, students get their chance to show off their skills and earn recognition or even sell a few pieces.

“It’s one of my favorite events here at the campus. For years I’ve been picking out a piece and buying it, and  then this year I get to do two prizes. One that’s my own personal one and then one for the President’s office,” said Dr. Kathy Hart, president/superintendent of Delta College.

There were paintings, drawings, photography, and sculptures made out of many different materials.

The most striking sits on an empty mantle, well actually above it, and hangs from the ceiling.

According to Jan Marlese, the Art Gallery director, this show varies from the others.

“It’s actually students here on campus, opposed to the other shows which are off-campus based. This is the most important function of the gallery. The function of this gallery is two fold. One is to show the student artwork that they have worked on all year long, so this is our most important show, and secondly, this is our art lab. Like there’s a science lab this is our art lab.This is the first time for some of the students to  ‘answer a call for entries’  And it really makes a difference , art looks a lot different when its up, presented and curated.”

The exhibit ends May 15.