Delta students create dual production companies


Delta College students Wisdom-Shallena Johnson and Ashley Gordon are bringing together talented students in various areas from multimedia to work.

The duo has paired up to put together a production company and television network, Wisdom B4 Hate (WB4H) Productions and CWN11 (the Choose Wisely Network).

“After my internship with KCRA and how lame I felt it was, I just really wanted to get out there! I just wanted to tell the story, build my skills, so that I could go back as an intern with more confidence,” said Gordon. “Wisdom now has a place to broadcast all of her material out of, and I now have a place I can call my reporting home.”

Gordon started the company as a means to start the journey of building her skills.

The name for WB4H came from thinking first and taking action after you reach a final decision. Being creative in whatever you choose to do with your life.

The slogan of WB4H is “choose wisely” which lead to the name of the CWN11. The number represents the day the name was chosen, Nov. 11.

The two companies were formed in 2011 to provide the latest information and give the chance for interns to produce professional portfolios.

Johnson wants to help talented individuals and those with the passion learn build a career and knowledge in multimedia.

Johnson’s professional production company has created opportunities for clients spanning from California to Las Vegas.

“We specialize in creating ideas for skit comedy shows, films, sitcoms, news, sports, music videos, reality shows, commercials and children programs,” said Johnson.

Johnson has a large number of students working with her and Gordon.

One such individual is David Cannon, who started working with Johnson when he was 16 and has been with the company from the beginning.

Currently there are eight interns at WB4H Productions and CWN.

Delta students work as interns for the company in writing, acting, operating the camera, working audio and hosting shows.

WB4H has recieved multiple awards including 9 at the 2012 Multimedia Film Festival. Johnson won the first Marsha Posner Williams Radio-Television Scholarship.

With the help of her brother, Johnson was able to purchase her company name. The company utilizes labs within the RTV studio.

“When Marsha came around, I put on my great impression suit, only for her to like me for me,” said Johnson. “I was more impressed with her, she became an inspiration to me.”

Since then, the company has gained funding from clientele and continues to aid in the education of people interested in the world of multimedia.


Sat. April 27 at 7 p.m. WB4H and CWN11 wil host a launch party/ fundraising event held at Chez Shari’s 305 N. Union Rd. Manteca. (209) 825-8524