Faces of Dance brings culture of movement to stage


Faces of Dance  was an exciting evening with talented dance groups from the community sharing and demonstrating artistry, culture and  love for the art of dance.

The styles included ranged from traditional cultural dances like those of India, to ballet, interpretive, Vaudeville, all the way to hip hop.

The performances were  composed of dancers that attend Delta, as well as some help for local dance companies like Dance Connection and New Dance Company.

The interpretive dances were beautiful story telling performances with no words.

The Vaudeville performance added a bit of whimsy with the use of theatrics and props.

The hip hop dances had the crowd clapping along and wanting to jump out of those seats and on to the stage to join the party.

The big hit performances of the night were the large group performances.

The crowd amped up when all dancers were on the stage together doing their own thing.