Group advocates for feral felines to keep campus rodent free


The environment on campus is managed by staff and students alike, but hidden behind every bush is a wild feline that keeps Delta in top shape.

In a delicate balance, the cats of Delta eat wild rodents and in return a small group of cat enthusiasts feed, hydrate and watch over them.

Claudia Mackey, a community education coordinator, is one of the said enthusiasts.

She said there are more than 17 cats roaming freely on campus.

When feral cats are found on campus, the group takes them to local veterinarians where the animals are spayed and neutered. The cats are then released back on campus.

Many, though, are found good homes, said Mackey.

“We probably found homes for 20 cats in the last five years,” said Mackey.

All cats at Delta are fed with donations, which comes from students and little events held by the group, including garage sales and raffles.

This group runs roughly on $1,000 a year.

“I bring three-gallon bags with me, but I usually don’t use three-gallons of food in one day,” said Mackey.

Cats are only fed dry food, and altogether the animals eat about three pounds a day.

This unofficial cat community was founded several years ago to deal with stray cats on campus, and was later disbanded.

The group came back after a rising issue with rampant vermin.

“We don’t have much of a rodent problem because we have cats,” said Mackey.

Anyone interested in helping the cats on campus can donate food or money to the cashiers’ office for the “campus cats.”


  1. Here’s how these ignorant, self-serving, and uneducated TNR-advocates are destroying all life on the planet.


    FACT: Trap & Kill failed because cats cannot be trapped faster than they exponentially breed out of control.

    FACT: Trap, Neuter, & Re-Abandon (TNR) is an even bigger abject failure because these man-made ecological disasters cannot be trapped faster than they exponentially breed out of control, and they also continue to cruelly annihilate all native wildlife (from the smallest of prey up to the top predators that are starved to death), and the cats continue to spread many deadly diseases that they carry today — FOR WHICH THERE ARE NO VACCINES AGAINST THEM. Many of which are even listed as bioterrorism agents. (Such as Tularemia and The Plague — Yes, people have already died from cat-transmitted plague in the USA. No fleas nor rats even required. The cats themselves carry and transmit the plague all on their own.)

    FACT: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY _NOTHING_ HUMANE ABOUT TNR. Nearly every last TNR’ed cat dies an inhumane death by road-kill, from cat and animal attacks, environmental poisons, starvation, dehydration, freezing to death, infections, parasites, etc. And if very very lucky humanely shot to death or re-trapped and drowned (the two most common methods employed on all farms and ranches to protect their gestating livestock’s offspring and valuable native wildlife dying from cats’ Toxoplasmosis parasites). This doesn’t begin to count the thousands of defenseless native animals that cats skin alive and disembowel alive for their daily and hourly play-toys. The only difference in destroying cats immediately and humanely instead of trapping, sterilizing, then releasing them to an inhumane death; is that money isn’t going into an HSUS or SPCA board-member’s pocket, veterinarian’s pocket, cat-food company CEO’s pocket, or a drug-company CEO’s pocket. And that’s the ONLY difference!

    FACT: Cats are a man-made (through selective breeding) invasive species. And as such, are no less of a man-made environmental disaster than any other caused by man. Cats are even worse than an oil-spill of continent-sized proportions. They not only kill off rare and endangered marine-mammals along all coastlines from run-off carrying cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasites, they destroy the complete food-chain in every ecosystem where cats are found. From smallest of prey gutted and skinned alive for cats’ tortured play-toys, up to the top predators that are starved to death from cats destroying their ONLY food sources. (Precisely what cats caused on my own land not long ago.)

    FACT: Hunted To Extinction (or in this case, extirpation of all outdoor cats) is the ONLY method that is faster than a species like cats can exponentially out-breed and out-adapt to. Especially a man-made invasive species like these cats that can breed 2-4X’s faster than any naturally occurring cat-species.

    FACT: In _TWELVE_YEARS_ Alley Cat ALL-LIES of NYC have only reduced feral cats in their own city by 0.08% to 0.024% (as the months go on that percentage becomes more insignificant), allowing more than 99.92% to 99.976% to exponentially breed out of control. Here’s how Alley-Cat-ALL-LIES’ deceptive math works: If you TNR 4 cats and 3 get flattened by cars this translates to 75% fewer feral-cats everywhere. Alley Cat ALL-LIES can’t even reduce cats in their own city, yet they promote it as a worldwide solution. Then even bigger fools fall for it and promote it.

    FACT: When researching over 100 of the most “successful” TNR programs worldwide, JUST ONE trapped more than 0.4%. Oregon’s 50,000 TNR’ed cats (the highest rate I found) is 4.9% of all ferals in their state. Yet, by applying population growth calculus on the unsterilized 95.1% they will have trapped only 0.35% of all cats in their state sometime this year. Less than 0.4% is a far cry from the required 75%-85% to be the least bit effective.

    FACT: Their mythical “vacuum effect” is a 100% LIE. A study done by the Texas A&M University proved that any perceived “vacuum” is just the simple case that CATS ATTRACT CATS. Get rid of them all and there’s no cats there to attract more. I proved this myself by shooting and burying hundreds of them on my own land. ZERO cats replaced them FOR OVER 3 YEARS NOW. If you want more cats, keep even one of them around, more will find you. That university study also found that sterilized cats very poorly defend any territory. Non-sterilized cats, being more aggressive, take over the sterilized cats’ resources (shelter & food if any). If there is any kind of “vacuum effect” at all, it is that sterilizing cats cause non-sterilized cats to restore the reproductive void.

    FACT: During all this investigation I have discovered something that is unfaltering without fail. Something that you can bet your very life on and win every last time. That being — IF A TNR CAT-HOARDER IS TALKING THEN THEY ARE LYING. 100% guaranteed!

    • Dont you EVER get sick of copying and pasteing the same thing over and over and over again. Gets very tedious to read.

      • Don’t you EVER get sick of copying and pasting the same TNR BS over and over and over again all over the internet, so then I am forced to correct your delusions, ignorance, and deceptions based on your own psychopathic and sociopathic beliefs?

        You can look at it this way …. it took me 2 hunting seasons to get rid of every last cat; feral, pet, it mattered not. To stop them from destroying all native wildlife on my lands. This was accomplished through RELENTLESS vigilance and accuracy. I then realized the ONLY way to prevent this from ever happening again was to apply the very same techniques to those that had caused this ecological disaster. To stop them, for myself, everyone else, and all life on earth that has been tormented by the absolute ignorance, spinelessness, heartlessness, and foolishness of TNR advocates.

        I have absolutely NO desire to be forced to shoot your piece of sh** cats again! But if YOU DON’T STOP letting your invasive species vermin roam free then I WILL BE FORCED TO SHOOT CATS AGAIN.


        If you don’t want me to shoot cats, don’t let them roam free.

        I’m not going away until every last cat-licker that releases these food-chain destroying, deadly-disease spreading,invasive-species piece-of-sh**s have been stopped from practicing their criminally-irresponsible behavior. You can count on that.

        In case you are curious — the term that I use of “cat licker” is justifiably and accurately gleaned from the growing fad of people who are obsessed with cats and want to do everything possible to make their cats feel good, as naturally as possible, at the expense of all that is reasonable and sane.

        They are now licking their cats clean.

        Since they see a cat fighting back from being washed in water as animal abuse, but the cat not fighting if they use their tongues, they use their tongues instead to wash their cats.

        It’s just another one of the many aberrant and mentally-ill behaviors of “cat lickers”.

        I cannot, in all honesty, EVER use the term “cat lover” again to describe these heartless and spineless cretins. People who love cats do not throw them under the wheels of moving cars, let them lap-up antifreeze in a gutter, force them to attack one another to fight for territory (no different than people who run dog-fight rings and are just as criminal of animal abuse), or let them be attacked by other animals by letting them roam free. “Cat Lover” is an extremely oxymoronic label. “Cat Licker” is the only one that accurately works today!

        • It must be hard work trying to educate all these permenently ignorant hypocritical cat lovers

          You have probably already heard, but in the UK the government have tragically started a cull of badgers, despite the fact that they could have sorted out the problem without barbaric culling, so another of the UK’s wild creatures is being destroyed

          Add to that, what seems very hypocritical, one of the anti-badger people, is a cat lover himself, and has been campaigning against terrible cruelty to wild animals from human activity, but yet seems to defend the painful cruelty that domestic cats put defenceless wild animals through. In his rescue centre a lot of the creatures that are taken in are casualties from cats, so i dont understand what he is trying to say. I want to show you the page with what he is saying, let me know if you would like me to post the link or not (im just asking you first)

          • Thanks for the further info on the stupidity of humanity. (I keep a fridge magnet that says, “Never underestimate the stupidity of humanity.” It helps one cope when hearing things like this.)

            No need for the link. I believe you. What’s not to believe.

          • Brilliant fridge magnet. Id love one of those too

            Im glad i can ask you about some of these issues, as there is nobody i have come across yet in the UK who is educated enough to tell me the truth, TRUTH about cats, cat owners and wildlife. Not cat-lover tainted bullshit which even the wildlife professionals come out with in this country. I have learnt a lot from you and if i hadnt came across your postings there is a lot of things i would have been unaware of. I hope you dont mind responding to my occasional questions, it is really helpful. You are the leader of the earth-warriors!

  2. Any establishment of “higher” education; whose administrators, faculty, science departments, and students are so uneducated and foolish as to allow and promote an infestation of invasive species predators; capable of transmitting many deadly zoonotic diseases to students and staff on their own campus; is most certainly worthy of being passed-up in order to find a place with people having education levels above that of 3rd-grade grammar-school.

    Unless, of course, this is like where some colleges keep TNR cats as a ready supply of dissection specimens for biology finals and for other experiments. Then the TNR “death by attrition” excuse does come in handy to cut costs on some campuses. “They died of ‘attrition’,” makes it so easy explain-away why so many disappeared and nobody can find the carcasses. It seems to be a popular trend of cost-cutting on some campuses of late.

  3. Be cautious about using any cats taken from outdoors for adoption or you could be held criminally responsible. There’s no way to know a wild-harvested cats’ vaccination history, if any, nor their exposure to all the deadly diseases cats carry. If a cat has contracted rabies then a vaccination later will do no good. It’s already too late. There’s no reliable known test for rabies while keeping the animal alive. They need to be destroyed after they are trapped. It’s the only sane and sensible solution. This is why all wild-harvested animals of any type intended for the pet-industry must, BY LAW, undergo an extended quarantine of a MINIMUM of 6 months before transfer or sale of those animals to prevent just these things. Cats are no different than any other animal when wild-harvested. You’re risking this following story happening in every shelter across the land.

    Google for: rabid cat adopted wake county
    Another example (of thousands), Google for: rabid kitten jamestown exposure

    Adopting or approaching any unknown cat that’s been outdoors is just playing Russian Roulette.

    The net is flooded with similar examples every week. THOUSANDS of people must endure, pay for (out of their own pocket) the painful and expensive (more than $1000) rabies shots if they get scratched or bitten by any stray or feral cat, especially if that cat cannot be trapped again to destroy it and test it for rabies. Stray-cat feeders are guaranteeing this, by training and teaching these cats to approach humans for food. These wild animals then lashing out by biting or scratching at any hands that try to touch or pet the now seemingly-friendly “cute kitty”. Two recent cases even report where rabid cats entered a home-owner’s unlocked pet door, and another where the cat even came right through their ceiling in search of human-supplied foods. One attack so bad that the family required hospitalization.

    Even vaccinating your cat against rabies won’t prevent it from finding the nearest rabid bat dying on the ground to rip it to shreds for its daily cat’s play-toy. Then bringing back a mouthful or claws full of fresh rabies virus to you, your family, neighbors, other pets, or other animals. ANY cat, due to their need to sink their teeth into anything that moves, if allowed outdoors can transmit rabies to others, vaccinated or not.

    These are just the diseases these invasive species cats have been spreading to humans, not counting the ones they spread to all wildlife. THERE ARE NO VACCINES against many of these, and are in-fact listed as bio-terrorism agents. They include: Campylobacter Infection, Cat Scratch Disease, Coxiella burnetti Infection (Q fever), Cryptosporidium Infection, Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm), Hookworm Infection, Leptospira Infection, Giardia, Plague, Rabies, Ringworm, Salmonella Infection, Toxocara Infection, Toxoplasma. [Centers for Disease Control, July 2010] Sarcosporidiosis, Flea-borne Typhus, Tularemia, and Rat-Bite Fever can now also be added to that list.

    A FEW examples (of thousands):

    Cat-Transmitted PLAGUE:

    Totally disproving that oft-spewed myth that cats in Europe could have prevented the plague. No rats nor fleas even required. Cats themselves carry and transmit the plague all on their own.


    Flea-borne Typhus:

    Hookworm — ruined Miami Businesses:

    Cats’ most insidious disease of all, their Toxoplasma gondii parasite they spread through their excrement into all other animals. This is how humans get it in their dinner-meats, cats roaming around stockyards and farms. This is why cats are routinely destroyed around gestating livestock or important wildlife by shooting or drowning them. So those animals won’t suffer from the same things that can happen to the unborn fetus of any pregnant woman. (Miscarriages, still-births, hydrocephaly, and microcephaly.) It can make you blind or even kill you at any time during your life once you’ve been infected. It becomes a permanent lifetime parasite in your mind, killing you when your immune system becomes compromised by disease or chemo and immunosuppressive therapies. It can last over a year in any soils or waters and not even washing your hands or garden vegetables in bleach will destroy the oocysts. Contrary to cat-lovers’ self-deceptive myths, a cat can become reinfected many times during its life and spread millions of oocysts each time. It’s now linked to the cause of autism, schizophrenia, and brain cancers. This parasite is also killing off rare and endangered marine-mammals along all coastlines from cats’ T. gondii oocysts in run-off from the land, the oocysts surviving even in saltwater.

    Its strange life cycle is meant to infect rodents. Any rodents infected with it lose their fear of cats and are attracted to cat urine.

    Cats attract rodents to your home with their whole slew of diseases. If you want rodents in your home keep cats outside of it to attract diseased rodents to your area. I experienced this phenomenon (as have many others), and all rodent problems disappeared after I shot and buried every last cat on my land.

    The time has come to destroy them all whenever spotted away from supervised confinement. There’s no other solution. We have nobody but cat-lovers to thank for this health and ecological disaster. Stray-cats, the very source of all feral-cats, need to be euthanized too or you’ll never be rid of the feral-cat problem.

      • That’s it? That’s your only proof that what I claim is in error? Is that all you’ve got? Of course it is. You can’t refute reality with your easily revealed lies, manipulations, and deceptions anymore.

        Go back to your bible-home-schooling, that’ll help.

        • You are well known for your MANY different alias’s spewing forth your venum in regards to cats. The police are also after you mate so watch your tail.

          • Thanks for proving YET AGAIN the last FACT in the “TNR Con-Game” list of FACTS:

            “FACT: During all this investigation I have discovered something that is unfaltering without fail. Something that you can bet your very life on and win every last time. That being — IF A CAT-LOVER IS TALKING THEN THEY ARE LYING. 100% guaranteed!”

            I don’t have to “watch my tail”, because I also know FOR A FACT that there are no police after me; you lousy, manipulative, deceitful, and deceiving LIAR.

            HOWEVER, I DO know that the FBI is sure interested in the list of all the death-threats and threats of torture against all humans that I’ve collected from sociopathic and psychopathic cat-lickers just like you. Is your name and address already on that list? Most likely. 🙂

            How do I know, and can prove, that you are a deceptive manipulative cat-licking liar? Read along:

            I’ve already shot and buried every last one of hundreds of my neighbors’ cats. And guess who told me to do so?

            Funny story: The neighbors called the Sheriff one more time that I was threatening to shoot their cats that were showing up on my lands. The Sheriff too had had enough of their illegal and criminally negligent cat-licking nonsense over the years. He told me to shoot their cats and don’t stop until every last one is gone from my lands — while he was standing right in front of them!

            Then he just walked away. That call of theirs to the Sheriff certainly backfired, now didn’t it. LOL

          • Don’t even think twice about it. These delusional psychopathic cat-lickers use Google to net-stalk everyone that posts anything against them. Then they hunt down posts that you’ve made from YEARS ago. You wouldn’t believe how many of these sociopathic cat-lickers have done this to me. Along with the usual death-threats they spew to everyone who is trying to educate them.

            They’ve even made whole web-pages about me, listing some of the hundreds of different IP’s that I’ve used, some of the locations that were supposed to be kept private when signing up for accounts (I’ve never used a real location yet), etc. Proxy-trains to the rescue, they’re still not even sure what country I live in. LOL They think that if they find who I am and where I live that that is going to threaten me into my shutting up about them and revealing all their lies and deceptions that they spew to the world. On the contrary, it only makes me want to destroy their inane efforts even more. 🙂

            It’s how they work. It’s the ONLY way they can try to refute the facts that anyone’s posted that proves them 100% wrong.

            You’ll get used to it. LOL 🙂

          • I dont understand how they are able to get away with it. (I also remember the comment about congressman oda and i was amazed that they are still doing this) How come the police are not getting on their case?

          • To tell the truth, I’m not sure. Unless it is all part of a larger social-engineering project. We all know that we’re not going to be able to educate any of these cat-lickers up to the high-school freshman science-class levels that they require to understand that what they are doing is so wrong and so deadly destructive to all environments on earth (the very ecosystems upon which the survival of humanity itself depends).

            So … here’s my theory:

            They need give cat-lickers enough rope to hang themselves. (as they say) So everyone everywhere sees just what kind of incredibly amoral and reprehensible, ignorant and uneducated, sociopaths and psychopaths that these cat-lickers truly are. Then everyone everywhere will start destroying their cats for them without hesitation. This has to happen before cats’ breeding rates and cats’ populations are still low enough where all cultures on earth will still have the resources to do so.

            There WILL come a time on cats’ population growth curve where no resources in the world could stop this infestation, and then everyone can just kiss their asses and the asses of all life on earth good-bye. (For an analogy, think of it in terms like a deadly foreign bacteria in a human body. There comes a time where the bacteria’s breeding rate and density overwhelms the body’s defense systems and the body dies.) Eventually there’d be nothing left but cannibalistic cats left roaming all lands. No humans at all. In fact, there’s one popular cat-lickers’ website I check on occasion, where all their members frequently post their hopes that all humans die out and die out soon — so their cats may live in bliss destroying all the other animals for their cats’ play-toys (no lie). One of the many end-of-times death wishes from so many groups like them. I study cat-lickers now like I used to study cat-behavior in order to rid my lands of them. Reading their websites helps with the “Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer” principle. 🙂

            I myself found out why no native predators on earth will be able to keep these man-made cats in check, as Australia found out earlier this year when their experiment to increase Dingo populations also did nothing to curtail cats’ breeding rates — but they scratched their heads wondering why. (When I heard of this experiment and failure I let them know of my discovery I made over a decade ago, to let them know why their experiment failed.) So we can’t count on nature to save our asses on this one. This will have to be solved by humans with a thinking discerning eye that can wipe out the correct species as fast as is humanly possible. A man-made ecological disaster that is now going to have to be solved 100% by man-made means.

            (Here’s a link to one of my better posts describing why native predators can’t keep these man-made cats in check. In case you haven’t seen it and are curious — )

            Will there be a worldwide social paradigm shift soon enough to accomplish that? If enough people see these cat-lickers for what they truly are, it might happen. Education sure isn’t going to solve it. They are too deeply entrenched in their psychotic bliss of self-inflicted ignorance for that to happen. (As you’ve seen time and time again.) And, as we see, cat-lickers are MORE THAN happy to show everyone their incredibly amoral values and goals every day. They can’t help it. It’s who and what they are. But just how much rope should we give them before it works? 🙂

            Have you noticed how humanity is becoming more and more stupid and ignorant in the last couple of decades? (Partly from younger people becoming dependent on net-based information. Most of which is only “plausible” sound-bite popularity contests, even though there are no facts to support those popular opinions. The most widely accepted answers (first hits on search engines) of the dull and lazy minds become “facts” for everyone.) All my friends have noticed this dumbing-down of humanity. It’s a little alarming.

            Anyway, that’s my speculation on it. This social-engineering (if that’s what it is) seems to be working. I think. I read more and more of how people are now shooting and even poisoning cats and are openly talking about it. Where only 3 years ago even hunters wouldn’t admit shooting cats every year to protect their valuable game-birds (for fear their wives and daughters would make their home into a hell. “Pussy-whipped” taking on a whole new meaning. LOL). I’ve also noticed that fewer and fewer cat-lickers are stupid enough to lie about shooting being illegal or a felony as they so often claimed everywhere in the world for decades. So that’s also a start. 🙂

          • I was going to mention this last week but do you reckon a lot of cat lovers uneducated and stupid attitudes and thinking and the people who are causing the network of destruction and damage come from the cat charities? who insist that owners allow their cats access to a garden, otherwise they wont adopt out (In research i did the UK most of the charities insist cats have access to a garden and wont allow indoor ownership unless the cat is unhealthy, blind, deaf for e.g compared to the US where they are the opposite in general they encourage owners to keep them in apart from alley cat all fucking lies) So people go along with it and install a cat flap like the charities insist, and then their cat is hunting, and the cat owners act like theres nothing wrong with it and become vitriolic when others disagree with what they are doing.Not sure if you had a look at the rest of the website link i sent you the other day but they insist that for cats welfare the cat needs to roam and hunt. This is f*cking damaging because lots of potential cat owners will believe them, and believe that the cat should be out hunting and roaming others properties, and so on and so on.

            That website you mentioned is f*ucking disgusting that they are wishing that. They must be absolutely demented. What sort of other groups post those wishes?

            Btw out of curiosity, are you planning to add some of their quotes to your posts to show people just how crazy they are?

            I found that native predator experiment interesting. Ive seen that post of yours before. What did they say when you contacted them over it?

            You know what really annoys me, is when i have been in conversation with a cat-lover trying to educate them, and they quote the RSPB to justify them letting their cats out to kill wildlife. Even fux felina and other US psycho-cat advocates have used the RSPB to try and justify their behaviour. I find this really sad. The RSPB is the UK’s anwser to American bird conservatory, and the rspb claim that the estimate of 55 million birds caught by cats in the UK is not causing any damage, because ‘the birds would likely have died anyway from other ways’ and ‘cats tend to take weak and sickly birds’ Some people are skeptical about the RSPB and cancelled their membership, because they seem to pander to cat lovers. I cancelled my membership. The birds that get caught by cats should be going to natural predators, plus birds face other dangers so how can the cat kills not be doing any damage? Plus the cat advocates saying cats do a great thing by killing mice, well id rather have mice in my garden to make it more balanced and provide the natural predators with some meals (owls for e.g) I wish the RSPB took a strong stance against bad cat ownership like the ABC of america does

            I have noticed it too! i have noticed that people seem to be getting dumber and dumber. I also notice how many people seem to be so disconnected from wildlife and nature. They come out with the most stupid f*cking things. These people are dangerous, their stupidity is destroying the ecosystem

            Did you ever see this article?

          • Of course any company or organization that is backing the ludicrous idea that cats should be allowed to roam free are the root cause of the problem. That goes without saying. If that were true then all dogs should be allowed to roam free to live full lives. Or anyone who keeps pet Black Mamba snakes should be allowed to let them to roam free. Or any other non-native species for pets. It’s an empty argument and blatantly absurd the moment it is used.

            Yes, many cat-lickers in the USA are desperate to find any shred of opinion anywhere in the world that they should get to let their cats roam free. So they often quote UK sources. To which I then reply with something about the UK making their ONE AND ONLY native cat species extinct with those opinions and values. They still don’t care nor realize the implications of what they are doing.

            I usually never bother to quote what cat-lickers say. That’s a waste of energy. Plus they aren’t even important enough for that. They are more than happy to prove those beliefs again all by themselves anyway. I also rarely post links to those sites where they say these things. Why give them any more exposure than I already have? (But I do save copies of every last webpage and discussion should I need to absolutely prove my claims to others some day. 🙂 ) Hint, if you want to see the underbelly of the cat-licker beast, just search out any discussion where some cats were killed. Cat-lickers are more than happy to display their sociopathy and psychopathy to the world. 🙂

            Not read that site in particular (the cat poisoning one). There’s so many just like it these days. Cat-lickers have forced their neighbors into poisoning their cats for them, left them no other choice. This is why SSS and TDSS Cat Management programs are exploding in popularity worldwide. They are your two very best friends when living next to a cat-licking neighbor. Many home-owners now see the cost of paying any fines if they have to use illegal means to kill someone’s cat as worth the price if they want to have an untainted garden on their own properties. Just part of the cost if a cat-licker moves next door to you. (Acetaminophen (paracetamol, overseas) generic pain-relievers also gaining in popularity for being more species specific and safer for the environment. Also Google for this complete string (include quotes): “natural solution for those who don’t want to take more direct and more effective measures” “lilum species” )

          • All the cat charities in the UK insist cats roam free and wont adopt out to people unless they fit a cat-flap and allow the cat to roam. So because of their f*cking stupid policy, the majority of cat owners 95% believe its perfectly ok to allow their cat to roam and kill, and see it as natural. And the rspb claim that cats are not causing any damage to bird populations. If only i could laugh at this, but i cant, it makes me feel sick.

            Then while trying to educate, mentioning how would they feel if dogs roamed around following their natural instincts, the cat lickers say cats are different to dogs and that cats NEED to roam and kill and cats are independent yet dogs stick with their owners. Dogs have a hunting and roaming instinct too but to them cats are this superior unique animal the only domestic pet that needs to hunt. If cat owners think cats are the only domestic that should roam and hunt, then its cruelty to dogs as they dont have the opportunity to roam at large and exercise their natural instincts, do you see what i mean? I thought dogs and cats had the same status years ago yet cat lickers make out that cats are the only animal which has a hunting instinct

            The site link i sent you in my last reply, what did the person do wrong that got her into trouble for getting rid of her neighbours cats?

            If someone uses any of the methods you suggested or anything else, how can they avoid getting into trouble when the owners can just call the cops round like they did with the woman in the link? Especially when they used paracetemol or the car agent, because the owners know exactly whats happened then, see what i mean? (i tried to word it right, youll probably know what i mean)

            I read the info on the liliums and found it really interesting, I am intrigued as to how some live around it without being effected yet others dont. Could it all be down to the ‘fake liliums’ and the proper ones?

          • I found this radio interview, i wanted to know what you thought and ill take it down when you have listened to it

            It has really angered me woodsman. What hope is there in the UK when even the woman talking is a cat owner!

            It angers me because they seem to be happy for cats to displace all the natural predators, saying they are ‘filling a niche’ They claim natural predators have moved away from urban areas. Cats have starved them away from the areas more likely?

            So do they find it acceptable that cats are starving the natural predators? I want natural predators around, not cats. What sort of dangerous f*cking game are they playing? It saddens me

            Are they hiding the fact that cats have starved away the natural predators?

  4. Woodsman001 goes under a variety of different names and is an internet troller when it comes to cat sites. If you are the admin of this site you would be best advised to NOT print his comments. He is well known for his bizarre and obscene comments in regards to cats and is blocked from many sites. He is a sick and deluded person who needs to be ignored.

    • I quite like seeing when fringe lunatic TNR supporters censor my posts.

      Simple reason being:

      CENSORSHIP –The very last bastion of the blind-followers of any wholly proved false and completely failed religion.

      like TNR is a now a 100% disproved religion; a religion based on
      nothing but wishful thinking, self-centered and self-aggrandized
      feel-good imaginings, and psychotic conjecture. AND ZERO FACTS.

      these TNR religious fanatics get my posts deleted they have publicly
      admitted to the whole world that their TNR religion is 100% false.

      They’ve got NO other way to defend their imaginary beliefs.

      They have single-handedly denounced the whole concept of TNR in their simple wish for censorship.

      then, like I’ve always said, cat-lovers are always dumber than their
      cats. Why do you think their cats can outsmart them so often to get
      away from them? That alone PROVES that their cats are smarter than they
      are. Then too, it even proves that their cats are smart enough to not
      want to be around them.

    • Actually, the ones who need to be ignored are those TNR weirdos and those who support cats being allowed to roam outdoors, who constantly spew their rubbish, a bit like you. Woodsman is trying to educate people before it is too late

  5. Since someone posting as “guest” is hellbent on manipulating and deceiving everyone with more of their cat-lickers’ lies and deceptions, here’s a little bit of valuable information for everyone. (We can all thank “guest” for encouraging me into sharing this valuable information with you in order to correct all their lies and deceptions. LOL)

    The law in the USA is that it is perfectly legal to destroy any animal, someone’s pet or not, that is threatening the health, well-being, and safety of yourself, your family, your animals, or even your property. Also true even in most densely populated cities, firearms laws permitting, if not then 700-1200fps air-rifles are commonly used. The only animals exempt from you taking immediate action, legally, are those listed on endangered or threatened species lists, and any bird species under protection of MBTA (the Migratory Bird Treaty Act). Even then variances can be given should there be sufficient problem but this requires further study by authorities. Since cats are listed in the TOP 100 WORST invasive species of the world in the “Global Invasive Species Database” ( ), this means they have no protection whatsoever from being shot on sight, they are not on any protected species list anywhere in the world. Quite the opposite as a matter of fact. And if your area enforces and obeys invasive species laws — as they should — then it is against the law to NOT destroy any cat on sight, someone’s pet or not. It is your civic and moral responsibility to destroy any invasive species that is found away from supervised confinement and roaming freely in a non-native habitat.

    Shoot to maim is punishable under the laws that define animal-cruelty (these are the ONLY cases that cat-lovers cite to try to manipulate and scare everyone from shooting their only favorite animal). But shoot to kill is a perfectly legal way to humanely destroy an animal. The same laws and principles that apply to methods of humanely hunting animals also applies to cats. Unlike cat-lovers’ psychotic beliefs, the reality is that a cat is just another animal. It’s NOT their baby, their child, their offspring. Even if they do view their cats that way, letting them roam free is no less criminally irresponsible than them telling their child to go play in the freeway and then blaming the cars for their child’s death. If they let their cat roam free, NO MATTER HOW IT DIES, that is THEIR fault and they can be charged with all laws that clearly define animal-neglect, animal-abandonment, and animal-endangerment. Not to mention being in direct violation of all international invasive species laws in existence.

    In fact, here’s a publication from a study done by the University of Nebraska on the best ways to HUMANELY deal with a feral-cat problem wherever you live. This documentation INCLUDES the best firearms, ammo, and air-rifles required to HUMANELY destroy cats.

    Besides, what difference does it make if the cat gets shot or ran over by a car, attacked by another cat or animal, drowned, or poisoned by plants animals or chemicals (inexpensive 1-adult-strength generic acetaminophen pain-relievers gaining in popularity, for being so species specific). The result is the same. The cause is the same — the fault of the criminally irresponsible pet-owner that let their invasive species pet roam free. They’ve already proved that their animal is 100% expendable. You can either destroy their cat for them humanely, or let their lack of care cause it to inevitably die inhumanely. They don’t care one bit how their cat might cruelly suffer to death if they let it roam free. Humanely destroy their cat for them before that can happen. A well aimed bullet is the MOST humane death that ANY stray or feral cat can ever look forward to. Any other death that they WILL eventually face is all inhumanely downhill from there.

    • You might also enjoy knowing …

      If you advocate for cats as rodent-control on farms and ranches you’ve already doomed them to being destroyed by drowning or shooting when it becomes a financial liability more than any asset. Ranchers and farmers worldwide are fully aware that cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasite can cause the very same birth defects (hydrocephaly and microcephaly), still-births, and miscarriages in their livestock and important wildlife as it can in pregnant women. Consequently, this is also how this cats’ brain-parasite gets into your meats and onto your dinner-tables, from herbivores ingesting this cat-parasites’ oocysts in the soils, transferred to the plants and grains that they eat. Not even washing your hands in bleach will destroy this parasites’ oocysts if you have contracted it from your garden or yard that a cat has defecated in.

      This is why any cats are ROUTINELY destroyed around gestating livestock and wildlife management areas in the most efficient, humane, and least expensive method available. Common rural practice everywhere. The risk of financial loss from dead livestock and important native wildlife from an invasive species cat is far too great to do otherwise. This cats’ parasite is now even killing off rare marine mammals along all coastal regions from run-off containing this cat-parasites’ oocysts.

      The next time you bite into that whole-grain veggie-muffin or McBurger, you need to just envision biting down on a shot-dead or drowned kitten or cat. For that’s precisely how that food supply got to your mouth — whether you want to face up to it or not. It’s not going to change reality no matter how much you twist your mind away from the truth of your world.

      If you want to blame someone for the drowning and shooting of cats, you need to prosecute yourself — every time you eat.

    • Woodsman i wanted to share something with you which i found out

      In the UK the general laws are that no body is allowed to harm a cat. In contrast to the USA where there is a bit of recourse for those who suffer from the behaviours of cat owners (being able to trap and take to a shelter for e.g) But i found out (this is a true story) from someone that there is a guy in the UK who had an outdoor bird aviary, and a cat was killing or attacking his aviary birds through the wire. He went round to the cat owners, and warned them that if it continued, he would shoot the cat. Of course they took no notice, and he didnt mess about, he shot the cat. He killed it instantly, and took it round in a box to the owners. They called the police, but the guy apparently didnt get in trouble because he killed the cat instantly (humanely) He was apparently a trained marksman or was a good shooter so he knew how to kill instantly

      I have tried to find links where it states that UK law allows humane killing of an animal like this, but i cant find anything. I am suprised to not hear this on the news, as cat-lovers will kick off and scream and shout for attention if anyone would dare hurt their pussies as you can see from articles that pop up now and again

      How come there are not more incidents like this? The majority of people believe that they cant do anything to sort out the problems with neighbours cats (apart from buying deterrents which dont work very well) but this story tells otherwise

      • Does the UK have laws regarding how to humanely kill livestock? How to humanely hunt other animals? (Ducks, geese, deer, etc.) If so, then your culture may have just fallen under the typical misinformation-tsunami of the usual deceptions and lies of cat-lickers. I’d try to find many more instances like the one you just mentioned if I were you. It might just be that they have manipulated the general population with their “shoot to maim” = animal cruelty so in their eyes any shooting of cats is always illegal. Same as they tried in the USA for the last 2 decades. They try to hide the legal shoot-to-kill instances underneath all the illegal shoot-to-maim cases to scare everyone from ever using lethal means on any cats. Hint: If there are veterinarians, vet-bills, or later euthanasia in any cat-shooting case that anyone cites, that is an ILLEGAL shoot-to-maim case, and rightly so. There ARE NO veterinarians, vet-bills, nor later euthanasia involved in any shoot-to-kill cases. (Why would there be?) This is why they can’t find any of those cases in any legal claims to prove it is illegal. They do not exist because IT IS NOT ANY KIND OF CRIME. 🙂 (And is also why it is difficult for you to find them as well. They can’t and don’t make the news because they are not crimes.)

        I found that cat-lickers had tried for 2 decades to convince everyone in the USA that shooting cats was A FELONY EVERYWHERE! When I got online 3 years ago to research why this cat infestation happened on my lands; and found out that NOBODY was counteracting their lies, misinformation, and manipulative deceptions about this; I was mildly amused and surprised. I guess just one too many urban people on the internet, living in their mommy’s basements, and having had nothing but bambi-cartoons for their educations were just that easily manipulated by the cat-lickers. They just kept spewing and re-spewing the same misinformation across the planet. Fully unaware of the real world that lies beyond their paved lawns.

        So now I do my part to try to clear up all those years of lies and nonsense that cat-lickers have spewed for decades.

        Could this be what happened in your country too? A cat is just another animal. ANY laws that define how an animal can be killed humanely for ANY purpose ALSO applies to cats. People in the USA are just now re-awakening to that FACT. Well, at least the ones that were put to sleep and made terminally stupid by cat-lickers’ manipulative lies. Most everyone else already knew it was legal to shoot cats all their lives. It used to be a standard practice in every county of the nation to have cat-shooting events on weekends to keep the ones in rural areas in check. How quickly people forget when they’ve been made stupid by something they’ve read on the internet while living in their sterile little cubicles, isolated from the real world and all of reality.

      • Below is a link to an interesting website that I’ve been letting cat-lickers know about, who like to claim that killing cats and other small animals is illegal. I’m sure the laws in the UK are the same as they are here (now that you told me about the above story). For someone to kill any animal on their own property being illegal would have made life in the UK (and everywhere else in the world) impossible.

        I think part of the problem is that the net was taken over early by urban-psychotics (made that way from being isolated from reality for so long). People in rural areas, living their lives, doing chores, and doing what must be done to survive, rarely if ever posted their experiences and lives to the net. Why should they? (Let alone most didn’t have net access for how long, or even knew of its existence.) Now some rural people who are trying to re-educate the bambi-cartoon-diploma’ed psychotics are finally telling them how life really is. Cat-lickers don’t like waking up from their psychotic bliss they’ve slumbered under all their sorry lives. They want to let their cats roam to experience real life, right? Little did they know that real life is now coming right back into their own homes and lives through reports of what their cats have been doing out in the real world. And why people are now letting them know that their cats are being shot on sight. They no longer have to wonder why their cat never came home — blissfully imagining that someone must have adopted it and is loving it like they did! WRONG. It was shot dead and buried, as it should be.

        Tell one of them to hang up a steer to slit its throat so they can make hamburgers on their backyard grill and they’ll yell “murderer!”

        An interesting read for anyone who is so out of touch with reality and where their food really comes from …

        • Thanks very much for the link. That was an interesting read

          re the laws in the UK being the same as USA, i tried to find some information about it to see if it really is the same but ‘concealed’ by cat lovers up and down the country? (the same as when you said theres a wave of misinformation across the world from cat lovers) Here is information on the law from what i imagine is the UK’s version of Alley Cat All Lies

          Have a look and let me know what you think. Ill take the link down when you’ve had a look. They also claim that cats hunting is natural (how can it possibly be natural?! ) They should be closed down for promoting suffering to wildlife and wildlife crime. If its a crime to harm wildlife yourself then why is it any different to allow a domestic pet to harm wildlife and then claim its natural? Its absolutely disgusting. Both are crimes against nature

          • That reads like the same misinformation propaganda that Alley Cat ALL LIES spews across the planet.

            Again, shoot to maim IS illegal, and rightly so. No respectable hunter with the least bit of morality will shoot at an animal and allow it to run off maimed. They MUST, BY LAW, track it down and put it out of its misery if it was only maimed. If you let an animal suffer, then yes that IS illegal.

            Look to your country’s hunting laws and any other laws in which animals are killed for human consumption and use. Any laws that allow you to humanely kill animals also applies to cats, they’re just another animal. There is NOTHING special about them, they are not above the law when it comes to legal ways to kill animals. If you don’t know if the cat has an owner, and it is on your property, then you have EVERY right to destroy ANY animal on your own property — AS LONG AS YOU DO IT HUMANELY — this INCLUDES using a gun.

            If shooting animals was considered inhumane and animal cruelty, then no country on earth could ever issue any hunting licenses, nor allow hunting. I don’t know of any country on earth that doesn’t allow hunting or killing of animals. If that were the case there’d be no butcher shops nor meat aisles in any grocery store in those countries. Do they allow hunting in your country? Do they kill animals humanely to stock your grocery stores? Then it’s legal to shoot cats to death humanely. It’s pretty much that simple.


            That’s all it boils down to.

        • I despise the mob mentality of cat lovers.

          The normal people drowned out by the cat lovers. According to them, because other animals defecate in our gardens, its fine for cats to do so too. According to them, we should put up with them and their cats because ‘its their instinct’ According to them, anyone who objects to cats roaming on their property and killing birds is a cat hater. And whats this latest thing about cats being part wild and part domesticated? There is nothing such as a semi domesticated cat. Is this one of their latest ludicrous claims?

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