Kings’ fate in question


The Sacramento Kings just finished the season, but this could be the last the team sees in the capital city unless a decision can be reached about the Kings’ future.

The potential sale of the Kings may result in the team moving to Seattle  and could be settled as early as next week, with a final decision coming next month.

It’s been a few years of the same questions: Will they? Or won’t they?

The general thought is maybe they should leave.

Sean Reilly is a student at Delta College and the host of  DJ Slugger’s sports  talk show with the campus Radio-Television program.

“The Kings are not bringing in too many people, and as a result they need to move because Sacramento isn’t a basketball city and they are not ready for  their own team,” he said.

All of this may be coming to an end very soon, silencing the many months of speculation leading up to this.

NBA Commissioner David Stern called this situation the most “wrenching” of his career.

A committee is reviewing  the bid made by the Seattle group that is interested in buying the Kings from the Maloof family.

There is a contingent, including Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, that is trying to keep the Kings in California.

Discussions on the matter are expected next week.

A vote by the NBA Board of Governors should take place as soon as May 8.

The current owners, the Maloof family, need to first approve the move.

In January, the Maloofs were able to reach a settlement in the sale of the Kings.

Recently, more people have become more interested in buying the Kings, which would allow them to stay in      Sacramento.

The commissioners wanted to stress that there will be no bidding war between the Maloofs  and wealthy buyers.

“I think they will move because they have been trying to ask the city if they can leave Sacramento, but I think the only way they would stay would be if they could get a new arena,” said Daniel Whelan, a radio and television  student in the sports department.

Will the Sacramento Kings really move and become the Seattle Kings?

Only time will tell.