Mangonada makes mouths water


Mangonada, a trendy summer food trend, is becoming a treat of choice in Stockton.

“I have been eating mangonadas for a couple years now and I love them,” said Nathan Oreiro of Stockton. “I am glad to see that everybody is finally catching on to this new trend because you have not lived until you have tried one of these things.”

The contents of this new craze are somewhat simple. You start off with mango-flavored ice cream that can be purchased at most grocery stores.

The ice cream is then mixed with hand chopped mangos.

Once it gets into the cup it is topped of with a mix of chili spices and tamarind candy. A straw gives this dessert a final touch. It’s wrapped with Mexican candy to give it that extra kick.

This mouthwatering treat is sold locally at United Mexican Ice Cream shop and has interested many. People travel from as far as San Jose to try the mangonada.
Mangonadas is priced at $5.

“I know the drink is kind of expensive but, so is ice cream at Cold Stone or Baskin Robbins. I rather purchase a mangonada any day then a generic cookies and cream ice cream cone,” said Gabriel Sanchez of Stockton.

The store is located at 712 Eighth Street, right off Interstate 5. United Mexican Ice Cream shop is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. everyday.

The store only accepts cash.