What’s wrong with people? Know-it-alls who think just that


There’s always that one person.
You know the one I’m talking about — the know-it-all.
This guy (or girl) breaks into almost every conversation that someone is having, even if they aren’t a part of it.

They always have something to yammer on about.

They may be a lawyer, a student or unemployed by day, but consider themselves an expert on all things by night.

They have a strong opinion on everything, even if they don’t know anything about the topic or the people involved.

These people just do not know when to be quiet and mind their own business.

They enjoy disrupting a perfectly nice conversation just to hear the sound of their own voice.

When dealing with a know-it-all you must approach the situation with one of two things: extreme patience for the attention seeking chatterbox or the ability to drown out what they are saying while pretending you are actually listening.

Never attempt to argue with a know-it-all because they will use this as an opportunity to reel you into a debate on something you probably don’t even care about.

Finally when you are so annoyed that you want to slap them, they’ll push that last button just to see you get angry because to them that means they’ve won.

You didn’t really expect to win a debate with them did you?

A know-it-all is tough to deal with, especially when you have to work with them or they are in the same class.

Know-it-alls generally like to talk.

They enjoy hearing themselves screech. Because they are always “right.”

They think the words they speak are equivalent to the Gospel and you should listen while they preach to you.

If you listen to the know-it-all, you may find out that your favorite color is not green but actually blue and your sister is having a boy not a girl, even though she’s only a month along.

What they say usually comes in large groups of information at an alarming rate of speed you think (and secretly wish) their jaw will fall off.

They do this so no one can interject or voice their thoughts because, Heaven forbid, someone else have a turn to talk, for they may prove the know-it-all wrong.

They also speak at the volume of a small earthquake because they can easily tune out the opinions of others whether they are similar or different from their own.

If you happen to prove a know-it-all wrong, I applaud you for your work.

If you are the know-it-all, please do us all a favor and pipe down!

Usually know-it-alls are the reason someone bothers to ask, what’s wrong with people?