Associated Student Body Government moves to online-only elections


The Associated Student Body Government held online elections beginning Tuesday, May 7 and ending Wednesday, May 8 to determine positions for the 2013-14 school year.
Delta College students were able to vote online, via a link sent through campus email.
Quanisha Smith is the only official candidate running for president. However, write-ins were possible in the elections for all positions.
Lorena Campos, the current ASBG president, said she approves of the online ballots as opposed to formerly used paper ballots.
“[It’s] more convenient for the students and it’s easier on the committee …  there’s that 48 hour access for everybody … each individual student gets one chance to vote,” Campos said.
The strategy is to reach more people, including students who exclusively take online classes. People shouldn’t be discouraged by the decision to move the elections online.
“If it’s out in the quad, there’s always a certain time frame for people to vote. And if it’s online, it’s 24 hours. Anytime of the day, you can go online and vote,” she said.
This years elections showed a huge response from students running for the 16 positions. Seven of the 16 ASBG offices have students running for election.
“There are different positions for different types of people … you don’t necessarily have to be a political science major to be in ASBG,” Campos said.
Campos stressed the importance of the ASBG. She said it represents a voice on campus. A series of committees, such as the planning and budget committee, make changes that directly impact students.
“As far as the parking fees, smoking on campus, a lot of that goes through those committees and so the student voice is important … know who’s representing them. So if they don’t believe that the ASBG is running a certain way, it’s important for them to get involved,” Campos said.