Favored Words of our generation


Many students gather every day on Delta campus to attend classes. We congregate in the quad, grab a bite from danner, and stay busy studying (or sleeping) in the library.

We hear whispers amongst students, yells, and screams. But not many take into account the common Delta college student’s vernacular. It has become immune to us as student’s hearing words like: hella, ratchet, yolo, omg, cray.

I went on a quest to find out what’s the word around campus. Keeping in mind different words mean different things to different students. For many “hella” was a favorite.

“Hella it’s a Nor Cal thing it’s the norm”, said Aaron Barraza Delta college sophomore. Indeed hella is a word I use often “that’s hella dope” is something I use on a normal basis. Meaning that’s really cool.

Why can’t we use “normal” language to express ourselves? It’s a part of our culture we have grown up in a society of ever changing fads, and vocab.

Language changes in our college community not only means, change in verbal euphemisms. It means a change in attitude, kind of similar to wearing a super ‘DOPE’ outfit.

While trolling the campus looking for the newest and coolest words around campus I came across a student by the name of Eddie Medina.

“That’s trill”, said Medina, “it means true and real.”

This word I thought to myself is going down in history.

A popular word known as “Ratchet,” is controversial around campus. Some people love it, other people hate it. I myself tend to hate it.

Randy Quintero another Delta student said, “I hate the word ratchet, to me it means something’s dirty and obscene.”

Levertis Woolfolk says, “Ratchet means someone that looks bad, has a bad attitude, and is HELLA loud.”

When approaching the basketball team’s hangout they loved it, “Ratchet, I love that word”, said Devin Hayward, “Our team has ratchet Mondays.”

I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when hearing this.

Tiffany Pech another Delta student when asked about the word said, “Does anyone know that’s an actual tool.”

Words come and go just like fads and relationships. Some words are here to stay, but most will phase out. We as a young community decide what’s hot, and what’s not, and for now lingo is ever-changing for our generation full of hash tags, emoticons, and abbreviations