Multimedia festival gets a scaled down look this year


The Radio Television and Film Department at Delta College will be hosting “An Ultimate RTV Fest” on Saturday, May 18.

The one-night event will welcome an invite-only crowd.

The gala is a chance for students in the program to show off their work to one another, get accolades and awards, as well as find out which student will be the one to beat for the following year.

However, since last year’s announcement of a possible scholarship from producing professional Marsha Posner Williams the students have taken the process more serious.

“It’s a little bit of a struggle but I’m getting there. It’s exciting too to see what everyone can do, and it makes you drive more and hungry for your passion,” said Edde Kane, a first-year student in the RTV program.

Last year’s winner was student Wisdom-Shallena Johnson, who used her award to further her career in the field by purchasing more equipment.

“It’s a challenge, but what you put in is what you get out. It was a good feeling to have when I won the scholarship and I look forward to winning it again, or I would like to win it again,” she said.

Adriana Brogger, a former student and now a professor in the RTV department, said that this year the, “Ultimate RTV Fest is a scaled down version of previous Multimedia Fests.”

There’s a reason for the scale down, she said.

“We used to encourage students to invite family members and make a big night of it. While that was certainly fun, it didn’t really allow for much personal time with our featured guests. The goal this year is to find the most dedicated RTV/MCOM students and put them in a room with our invited pros and let them have a more intimate get together,” said Brogger.

This year the festival will house Posner Williams, who co-produced the “Golden Girls,” “Amen” and “Night Court,” and Rick Page who has worked on “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” with Jim Carey and Steve Carrell.

For more information, contact Delta College’s RTV program.