Possible changes to Danner Hall coming


Rumors have been going around that Danner Hall cafeteria will close next semester.
However, Danner management has a bigger plan than the students think.
Approximately a year ago, Danner cafeteria eliminated serving pizza and moved Java Jitters into its place.
Instead of closing at 4 p.m., Java Jitters closed early at 1 p.m. along with the entire cafeteria.
As cuts continue, the vending machines are the only alternatives for students, especially those who have evening classes.
In recent years, the campus population has shrunk due to fewer classes being offered. That means fewer students on campus. And fewer students are buying food here.
Anyone still on campus after Danner closes for the day, knows that there are very few people left. When the food center of campus closes, people leave for food. In many cases, they don’t come back.
Next semester, Delta is expected to face more changes in the food services area. The faculty behind this plan is hoping for a positive change in revenue.
For years, the culinary arts students have shared the Danner cafeteria with food services.
Now both parties are negotiating to collaborate. The plan for culinary arts students is to combine their products with what is already in the cafeteria to increase the variety of food.
Due to the strict limitation of food and hours cut, the revenue of Danner continues to decrease.
“Last year, Food Services lost $426,000 and the bookstore bailed them out,” said Fidel Cabuena, director of auxiliary services, bookstore and food service.
This means that if changes don’t occur on campus, students will continue to find alternatives.
Delta has approximately twenty fast food restaurants surrounding the campus.
I feel that the collaboration of Food Services and Danner Hall will be a positive change on campus.
According to Cabuena, the bookstore will remove miscellaneous items and utilize that area for an on-campus restaurant offering pizza and sandwiches until 5 p.m.
This change will likely increase bookstore revenue because the store will be open longer.
The campus will benefit from this change, in my opinion. The management is working on solving the problem of supply verses demand and if both balance, the Food Services and the bookstore will be stable and more will be offered to students on campus.
No definite plans have been made to make this change happen.
But the rumor mill continues as people continue to spread false information that Danner Hall is closing.