Personal responsibility key to campus safety


The San Joaquin Delta College campus has recently seen a series of heinous crimes of both a violent and sexual nature.
One could argue that these crimes were only able to take place because of a lack of police surveillance and diligence.
We argue otherwise.
The Delta police department has been extremely thorough. Officers are on top of every situation thus far and respond quickly to calls for help.
Students can receive crime alerts and updates sent directly to their phones. The department also sends out emails after a crime takes place to alert students.
The police department patrols campus regularly. Escorts are offered so students can be safe going to their cars. The department also has a Facebook page to keep students in the know on what is going on around campus and keep an open line of communication.
We believe all students should make a commitment to personal responsibility if they have not done so already.
The police are here to protect you but they are not stand-ins for our mother. While the service is offered, the campus police does not have time to walk every single Delta student to his or her cars.
There is not enough time or resources to allow this in the already weak economy, especially in a school that has been hit hard with budget cuts.
It is our responsibility as students to be aware of our surroundings and use common sense.
Do not walk to your car headphones in, music blasting, oblivious as to what is going on around you.
Do not think you are immune to something happening to you.
People who are unaware of their surroundings make the best targets because they have slower reactions times and often don’t know what has happened until they have already been robbed or assaulted.
We are in no way making light of what happened to the recent victims of the criminal activity on campus. We are not blaming them.
However, we must all be responsible for ourselves from time to time and follow the instructions that the police have emailed and given in their campus safety seminars.
Do not park your car in an isolated or low-lit area. Walk to your car with a friend, classmate or group of people.
These may seem like simple suggestions to follow, but most of the students on this campus do not heed the warning until it’s too late.
By then the damage is done and the attacker has escaped to do it again to another unsuspecting victim.
Do not be the victim.
Take charge, take control and take responsibility for your safety.