Personality goes deeper than the clothes we wear, style we choose


What does your appearance say about you? So often we find ourselves judging people by their hairstyles, expressions and the clothes that they wear.
What does that say about us as individuals? Why do you care how someone else looks?
Look around Delta campus and you’ll see a variety of fashions and personalities.
That doesn’t mean those people play the role you may believe.
When passing an African-American male student on campus, wearing a hooded sweater and sagging pants as he talks on his cell phone, the first words that come to mind should not be shady, dangerous or “ratchet.”
Instead, your mind should be free of the premature assumptions about someone you’ve never met.
For example, if a white female student wears short-shorts and tight clothing, plus is very friendly with a lot of guys, someone who doesn’t know her may assume she sleeps around with multiple partners and parties all the time.
The fact of the matter might be that she works, helps her family and maintains a 3.0 grade-point average.
It just so happens she also has a HOT body and prefers to hang out with more guys than girls.
The way we perceive people based on their appearance can actually cause racism within ourselves.
Soon we begin to believe that everyone who looks like the last person we’ve passed judgment about really is that person.
Every Asian-American on campus doesn’t have a funny accent and every Mexican-American you see didn’t sneak across the border.
People choose to change their appearance the way they see fit.
Appearance can be based on emotion, lack of funds or simply to show off what you’ve got, but your appearance shouldn’t determine who you are.
Being free to appear as you want is a right that we all have as Americans.
Besides, nobody really wants to wear the exact same clothing style, unless their clones.
We can all admit to having misjudged a person at one time or another in our life, but to continuously do so is wrong.
So what if people choose not to dress or carry themselves in the same manner as you do, that’s what makes us all individuals.
If you have a unique style, even if people make fun of you remember that’s how trends are started.