Proposed closure of adult schools may impact Delta


With today’s economic troubles we have seen cuts across the board, many of which are in education.
According to News 10, more cuts are coming in the fall if Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget passes.
Brown wants to cut “categorical funding.” This funding is the money schools have to spend on certain programs, including adult school, keeping class sizes small and 56 other categories.
News 10 also mentioned that Brown would like the schools to take responsibility in regards to where the money goes and eliminating categorical funding.
Schools would still receive the same per pupil funding.
The only way schools receive more is if there are low-income or non-English speaking students, brown claims it take more to educate these students.
“The responsibility of adult school should be on the community colleges,” said Brown, in a recent news interview.
This could change many things on our campus from educational space to number of faculty needed to teach these students.
The effect on adult school students is different.
“The closing of the adult school would affect me in a bad way,” said Marlane Haro, a Stockton Adult School student. “I will not have the money to pay for school.”
If Brown’s budget passes, students like Haro might not continue studying. Many other students take adult school as an alternative to community or vocational colleges.
If the budget passes, Delta will not be the only community college that is affected. The entire community college system would be impacted.