Education strengthened by religious involvement



Very few students have accomplished what Angela Bardot has been able too during her time at Delta College.
She graduates on May 23 with four associate degrees: communication studies for transfer, inter-dispensary study of communications, photography, and arts and humanities.
But Bardot does much more than focus on her academics, though she is a student at both Delta and a local Bible college. She currently has bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology and is going to be adding more degrees to her resume at the end of this semester.
She is involved in many extracurricular activities, including five campus clubs.
The club she has had the most impact on is the Writer’s Guild.
Bardot has been the president of this club since 2007.
The club focuses on techniques to become more creative writers. The group also publishes Artifact, the campus literary magazine.
“New students should take the opportunity to join a club because, they do great things for this campus and community,” said Bardot.
Bardot gives nearly every minute of her free time back to her community.
When she is not on campus, she is spending all of her free time volunteering at her church.
Her involvement in church has led to her decision as to where she will pursue her education next school year. She has decided to go Regent University in Virginia.
Regent will accept all of her credits from both of the colleges she is attending right now and allow her to get her masters in communications much faster.
Bardot said that if it was not for the professors who noticed her passion and pushed her to excel, she doesn’t know what she would have done.
She has grand plans for her future.
“Ten years from now I would see myself publishing fiction and art books. For a career, I could see myself as a professor who is teaching communications. I’m not sure but I would like to have done some mission work in Japan as well,” said Bardot.