Caffeine Addiction


With the semester now in full swing students are seeking caffeine for all-night study sessions, due to the pressures of school and the need to get good grades.

That is where caffeine addiction comes into the picture.

Caffeinated beverages can include coffee, as well energy drinks such as Monster and Rockstar.

If those drinks are consumed too much, a person can become addicted, which can affect your everyday life.

Caffeine addiction can become just as bad as alcohol and drug addiction.

As with drug and alcohol dependency, caffeine addiction requires treatment.

According to, a drug rehabilitation organization for college students, caffeine addiction is a serious problem that affects the lives of millions of people daily.

It can provide you with a high when you need it, but your body will eventually want more and more of it. That is when a person’s caffeine consumption can become a problem.

Caffeine addiction is socially acceptable because nobody will point a finger at you if they see you with a cup of coffee or two.

It helps people stay awake during long study sessions for exams.

Once a person becomes addicted, he can experience a variety of symptoms that include fever, nausea, back pain, diarrhea and heart problems.

Caffeine addiction has a variety of stages of progression as well.

It usually begins as a dependency and gradually grows into an addiction that can affect a person’s whole life.

If a person is experiencing caffeine withdrawal they should ask for help for the addiction. It is important to seek out specific treatment for caffeine addiction just like a person would do for alcohol and drug addiction.

Some doctors suggest that a person begin a juice fasting detox as a way to help prevent caffeine addiction.

If left untreated, caffeine addiction can lead to various forms of cancer and as a result can lead to an early death for the addict.

This is becoming a big problem among overworked college students, because most of them require long hours of study in order for them to be successful in school.

But at what price must a young college student pay for good grades by risking her life and her well-being because she chooses to drink a few too many cups of coffee?

Caffeine addiction is not worth the trouble.