Don Jon review: From rising star to director


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the former child actor from “Angels in the Outfield” and “3rd Rock from the Sun” is quickly becoming a big name in Hollywood today.Gordon-Levitt has been rising in the last few years with mature and dramatic acting parts, which included central roles in “Inception” and “The Dark Night Rises.”

His latest effort, “Don Jon,” puts Gordon-Levitt behind the camera for the first time. He writes and directs on top of starring.

The film effectively used guerilla marketing with most audience members being initially introduced to the lead character, Jon, to the trailer on YouTube.

In it, Gordon-Levitt’s character is driving in his 1971 Chevelle SS through town singing “Good Vibrations.”

My only complaint is I wanted more of Gordon-Levitt singing Marky Mark’s sweet lyrical genius.

The movie’s plot centers on a New Jersey meathead coming to terms with love and his porn addiction.

The addiction is analyzed after Jon meets Barbara, played by Scarlett Johansson.

Jon is a bachelor who holds close to his routines, specifically regarding his body, his pad, his ride, his family, his church, his boys, his girls and his porn.

Barbara, though, has expectations of love built up by years of watching romantic comedies.

The two, as they become closer, realize that their ideals on love, relationships and life in general aren’t simpatico.

There was a lot of subtle humor used throughout the movie.

Using Channing Tatum as a leading man in a fictitious romantic comedy that Jon is forced to watch poked fun at the perfect man, women dream about.

The supporting cast is a pleasant collection of actors I hadn’t heard in a while.

I haven’t heard Tony Danza’s name in a long time, but him alongside

Julianne Moore and Brie Larson left a strong impression in the flick.

Gordon-Levitt with “Don Jon” has proven not only is he a gifted actor but also is a talented writer and capable director with this strong first effort.