Falling into favored autumn fun


Autumn comes and goes right before our eyes, so why not use the chilly weather and beautiful atmosphere to your advantage with this list of five activities to do in the fall.

1 Playing video games: 

With the new release of Grand Theft Auto V, via Rockstar Games, gamers from around the world can occupy their down time by attempting to beat the fifth installment of this series.

Video game lovers who are less sociable than others and prefer to stay in their comfort zone, now have an ongoing challenge to try and beat Grand Theft Auto V before any of their friends do.

Also with the addition of NBA 2K14, women in relationships with gamers aren’t going to be happy splitting quality time with a PS3 or Xbox 360.

Listen guys, relationships and video games normally don’t mix well, so if you’re in a relationship don’t allow a video game to come between you and your partner … it’s not that serious.

2  Fantasy football:

Fantasy Football allows fans to draft players that score points for them.

You can draft several players from multiple positions, with dreams of those players scoring points on the field, which turns into fantasy points for you.

There’s even a mobile app “Mock Draft” available on iPhone, iPad and Android that makes it easier for team management.

As you build a team, you have the option to sit players who may not be performing well and you can also add players that may make contributions to your team.

There is a fee to play ranging from $20 to $250 but the reward can reach up to $1,250 if you sign up with Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football.

3 Changing hairstyle/color: 

This is the time of year when students and faculty members try to switch things up a bit.

I know you might think the guy or girl you have a crush on looks good with their current hairstyle, but that look may soon disappear.

Fall is the season for experimenting.

Girls cut the length and change hair color to a darker shade by adding red, which is the most popular color used by women in the fall.

Guys, on the other hand, tend to let their hair grow out more than they do in the summer — possibly because as the year gets closer to end we care less about our appearance and focus more on being comfortable.

Time to cuddle:

For those that have a significant other, slow down from moving at a fast pace and just chill.

The weather can be unpredictable, so get creative and spend time indoors away from all the ghouls and goblins in Stockton. Light the fireplace, play board games, eat popcorn and even watch a “Lifetime” movie if that’s what it takes to show that special person you care.

Listen ladies, if a man is willing to do these things with you, the least you could do is spend the night watching UFC fights with him even though you don’t consider it a sport.

If you can do this your relationship is sure to prosper.

Holiday shopping:

We all wait until the last minute before going shopping for the holidays.

This year get a head start on everybody else by getting gifts now.

Waiting around for Black Friday is only going to add more stress to an already stressful situation, as millions of Americans will be standing in mile-long lines outside department stores.

There is an alternative to shopping for someone among all the crazy shoppers. It’s called getting a gift card.

This is what giving a gift card really says: “I couldn’t figure out what to get you so take this card and go get it yourself.”

If you’re handing out gift cards this year don’t feel bad about it because eight in 10 shoppers did last year.