Former Mad TV star, Raiderette comes to Stockton for night of laughs


Anjelah Johnson, in my opinion, is one of the funniest female comedians working  today.  She is a versatile actress, comedian and former Oakland Raiders cheerleader.

She was born in San Jose and is of Hispanic and Native American decent.

As a Raiderette, Johnson was named Rookie of the Year and performed at Super Bowl XXXVII.

She’s recently dipped her toes into music with the recent releases of “No Boyfren” and “I’m A Cut You.”

On Saturday, Oct. 5, Johnson preformed at Stockton’s Bob Hope Theatre.

This is Johnson’s second time visiting Stockton. The last time she was here was in Nov. 2011. There was a good turnout of people at the show with almost every seat filled in the theater.

Seeing her in person was amazing.

Johnson first rose to the public eye back in 2007 on the sketch comedy show Mad TV, and later when her stand up skit “Nail Polish” became a hit on YouTube. The skit consists of Johnson at the mercy of the Vietnamese women working at a local salon.

Her second most popular piece is Bon Qui Qui, a fictitional character Johnson said she based off the terrible employees people occasionally meet at fast food restaurants.

Imagine the absolute worst drive-thru worker and you get the idea.

Johnson recently reimagined the character where she has been fired from the fictitious King Burger and now working at a designer department store.

Johnson’s Stockton show consisted of renditions of many of these famous skits and characters, but seeing her in person made the material seem fresh.

I shouldn’t have worn any eye makeup that night because I could not stop laughing. Johnson was playfully making fun of one of the guys in the front row.

Johnson recently posted on her Instagram profile a picture of her in the middle of the Stockton crowd that showed up in the background, saying: “Stockton, you and Arnold from the front row were fantastic. Thanks for being awesome!”

Johnson is on tour, with her next show in San Francisco on Nov. 29.