New drug ‘Krokodil’ decays tissues


Many are unaware of the new and horrifying drug called Krokodil.

The drug originated in Siberia in 2002 and has since made its way to Russia where it has gained popularity as a street drug.

Krokodil causes skin to turn green and scaly, similar to a crocodile, before it begins to decay and fall off.

The name Krokodil derives from the Russian word for crocodile.

The drug has spread to many regions across the world, with cases being found in the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In September, two cases of Krokodil use were reported in Arizona.

This drug is potent, causing users to die within three years if used continuously.

With effects being compared to that of heroin, the addiction is said to be extremely difficult to fight, despite the horrific effects.

Krokodil is made up of codeine, lighter fluids, gasoline, paint thinner, alcohol and other toxins, according to

Most patients shoot these ingredients into their veins, as the high takes a quicker effect.

The drug kills blood vessels as it enters the body and quickly begins destroying tissue.

Allan Harris, a Gloucester-based specialist in treating drug addicts and the homeless and a writer for the Independent, said:

“The drug causes death of muscle and soft tissues at the site of injection and can lead to marked shortening of life expectancy in users of the drug — some argue once people become full-time Krokodil addicts, they have a life expectancy of less than a year.”

Some, are calling this drug the “zombie apocalypse drug” due to the distortion it causes a person’s physical appearance.

Disturbing photos can be found online showing horrifying depicitions of users  after the drug has hit their body, and how fast it deteriorates flesh.

Some may ask, why do individuals take this drug?

There are several reasons.

Heroin is difficult to smuggle into countries such as Russia.

Krokodil is a cheap substitute with similar effects. Also, once a user is addicted to this drug, which is considered stronger and more addicting than heroin, it is difficult to quit.